Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Dear Readers,
Last night I played in AristeiA for our neighbors to the North, Seattle. We played with some really kick ass bands like X-ray Press, Panther Attack, and The Fruiting Bodies. We had played with X-ray Press one other time before. I was impressed with them then, it was like three years ago, and I was even more impressed with them last night. But I was kinda bummed to learn that last night was their last show ever. The Fruiting Bodies however will be playing very soon:

Ducketts is having a show with AristeiA, Palo Verde, and The Fruiting Bodies. AristeiA is the loudish instrumental band that I play in. We have just finished writing (but have not started recording) a new album. We are going to be playing songs from it tonight. It will be super fun because this is totally in our hood. Plus I have been meaning to see the improv heavy rock music that I have been hearing about from Palo Verde. Goldie has told me that it is awesome. Goldie doesn't lie. Last night we played with Seattle's The Fruiting Bodies. They are possible The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Ramona Falls, World's Greatest Ghosts, and Johanna Kunin. This is one of those KZME presented events. I still don't really know what it means when they present something. I have played a show that was KMZE presented. I don't understand. What I do understand is that Ramona Falls is awesome. Intuit was one of my favorite local records that came out last year. You should totally check out this show before these guys go on tour with The National and blow up. Johanna Kunin used to live in Seattle. She recently moved to Portland and has already joined the music scene by way of Loch Lomond. A very nice addition to our music scene. World's Greatest Ghosts are one of my favorite bands to see live. Their songs are so fun and so catchy that I think I have to list them as mandatory listening for all of you guys. I have written about her before. The show is $12 and starts at 8 PM.

KPSU is presenting a show at The Parlour with Blood Beach, Kusika, and And And And. Welcome to a new wave of Portland indie rock. It is fresh and very exciting. I have not seen Blood Beach, But I have seen both Kusika and And And And. Kusick blew me away with their EXTEMELY dynamic set. I love it. They sometimes cover this Nina Samone song that is not to be missed. And And And is gonna be a Portland Staple. I can feel it. Check them out now. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 7 PM.

Kelly House is having a show with Living Proof, Alan Singley, Fogatron, and Your Rival. Living Proof features a local MC, Tope, that got a lot of love recently in the Best New Band polls. I had previously not heard of him but people who have pretty good taste in music all seem to agree his is good. I am mostly writing about this show because of Alan Singley. He writes perfect pop songs like it weren't no thing, Since it is not billed as with his band , Pants Machine, it maybe a rare solo set. The ALL AGES show is at 8 PM.

Mississippi Pizza is having a show with CIMTB contributor Dr. Something and Spirit Dupicator. Join the cassette revival. Or join the songs about robots and other silly things club. At least join the fun that a Dr. Something show must assuredly be. This is what the good Dr. had to say about the show, "I want to let you know about a super special event taking place this coming Saturday at Mississippi Pizza. The dynamic Spirit Duplicator and I will be performing songs and telling a story about suburban mass transit as we both release cassette singles!

Mine is entitled Beaverton TC, and all of you on this list are entitled to a FREE copy (while supplies last), as is anyone else who signs up for the email list. The recording is also available for streaming and free or "name-your-own-price" download here:, in case you don't have a cassette player.

Spirit Duplicator, sticking with the suburban theme, will be releasing a cassette single called Tualatin Summer, which is sure to be deliciously wacky.

Make sure to check it out if you can, as this will be my last show for a while. I'll be taking time off from performing for a while as I undergo treatment for some jaw complications. However, the Pipin' Hot Love Engines and I plan on returning to the stage as soon as I am able, and we have a live album and hopefully also a studio EP coming out in the near future, which I'll keep y'all posted on. ". Sounds good, no? The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

If you see me at Ducketts please say, "hi". It is the right thing to do.

This is the European version of Ramona Falls all stripped down like. They will be much different tonight. A whole lot more dudes.


Kid Tyger said...

Last minute venue change for the Kelly House show. Got a message via Facebook saying: The show will now be held at the Bayou, which is located on 3806 SE 34th, SE 34th between Powell and Francis.
They've also updated the show page with this new info.

Ms. Goldie D. said...

Thank you for pointing out I am not a liar. In my heart... ah well, AristeiA was great. The karaoke after party was the bomb. Sorry to hear about the van getting broken in to -- THAT FUCKING SUCKS SHIT.