Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I wrote a book

No, really. I did. It's out now from Australian publisher LegumeMan Books, who are so awesome they are actually running a contest in honor of it. Why did I write it? For the 3-Day Novel Contest, which I did not win. However, it was fun and life-changing and the great people who are now my publishers liked it ever so much.

What's this got to do with indie music, you ask? Well, the book is all up in your face with musical rhythms and musical references. In fact, that's what the contest hinges on. Matthew Revert, one of my publishers (designer of the cover and a kickass author in his own right) said to me that "your book is great for a music geek such as myself. When I was proofing it in the last week it really hit me. It should be read by anyone who really digs music."

So, I'm sorry for this general level of ridiculous self-promotion, but I'm flipping out! I hope that you will get a chance to check out my thrilling novel of autism, rock n' roll necromancy, and Lovecraftean horror. I am proud to present:

30 GOTO 10


Dr. Something said...

Congratulations on both the book and the related contest, Jess!

Dr. Something said...

Also, cool cover!

Ms. Goldie D. said...

Crappy Indie Music embraces self promotion. This is great news. I am so proud to have you as a blogger here.