Friday, April 30, 2010

Album Review - The Typing Pool : Let This Be Your Lesson

I was intrigued to listen to East Tennessee’s “The Typing Pool”, a three piece composed of members Melissa Bright, Don Wilson, and Watson, mainly because I think their band name is adorable. However, I wasn’t at all disappointed – their music is lovely, too.
“Let This Be Your Lesson” is gentle, liquid and atmospheric. Musically, the beats are laid back, slightly shuffly; quiet, reverb drenched guitars interwoven with piano, strings, organ, and synth, always topped off by Bright’s smooth clear voice.
The whole album has a very unified sound, with just enough variety. “Carnival Ride” is one of the most upbeat ; “The Noise” and “Alter Altar” feature a deep, almost-bluesy piano riffs; “Wire” reminds me of a hip-hop track gone gentle, with melodic vocals on top. “Mandolin”, the only instrumental track, features a playful exchange of melody between the guitar and piano.
“Let This Be Your Lesson” is a great antidote to a bad day at work or being stuck in rush hour traffic. Every time I put this on, the world seems just a little bit nicer.

(photo of Wilson and Bright stolen from the band's Facebook page. Hopefully they don't mind.)


walterbarrett said...

Link for flac download:

(btw it's Don from the band so this is all authorized and stuff hah thanks for the review!)

Frixtion said...

Yeah, I agree. The album is really mellow and has a great sound. It's authentic and very individual. I've had it on in my car CD player for a few days now and it's a chill alternative to the radio, even NPR. And Melissa's vocals are really full and engaging.