Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, March 20th

Hello Dear Readers,

I am sorry I had to step out for a bit. Y La Bamba went on a little baby tour. And while I got back on Sunday night, my brain was left a little umm...not working. I tried to make a post yesterday but it just did not pan out. If you went to the Total Bros and Don Hellions show I applaud you. I wanted to go but ended up practicing until 1 am. I will probably do the same tonight. All I am saying is that my drummer needs to get a new work schedule. Here are the shows that I will be missing tonight:

Crystal Ballroom is having Deer Tick, Dolorean, and Holy Sons play a show. Deer Tick is apparently a very popular band. I remember listening to them and thinking, "meh". But I like both of the opening bands. Dolorean is a great Americana band. Very Solid. I have not seen them in a long while, so I bet they have some new stuff that I haven't heard. The band I am most excited about though, is Holy Sons. This is the vehicle for Emil of Grails to make weird folk-ish music. I have a bunch of Holy Sons CDs and I think they are great. I first heard him by finding one of his CDs in the dollar bin at the Music Millennium in NW. I really liked it and then started finding other CDs in the cheap sections. I think I picked up a couple when Ozone Records went out of business on the east side of the river. The thing is that a live Holy Sons show is very rare. So you if you are going to go out to this show. Please do yourself the favor of seeing Holy Sons.

Holocene is having the album release show for Guidance Counselor. It will feature the likes of Guidance Counselor themselves as well as Fake Drugs (also releasing an album tonight) and Astrology. Guidance Counselor is a band that started playing house shows around town but now can fill up the regular sized venues. Good on them. It is pretty crazy to see bands start to do that. I feel like Holocene takes a lot of chances on these type of transitioning bands. I remember seeing Wampire play there and thinking how crazy it was to see them not in a crowded basement or whatever. Also I feel like it should be noted that in the photo that I usually see for their press is a pic with them in front of a dumpster displaying the number 420. It is obviously because today, March 20th (4.20) is the day that their album drops. Fake Drugs is a band that I keep hearing about that I believe has members of Guidance Counselor and Starfucker and is along the same lines as both. i have not heard much about Astrology the band. I did learn recently that despite my years of thinking I was on the cusp, that I am a Aquarius. Oh, and that Astrology is Marius from Copy and Charlie from Panther (R.I.P.). The show is $5 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with The Joggers, TV Torso, and Eternal Tapestry. Do you know that band, The Joggers or Joggers or whatever they call themselves. Regardless of whether they have article in front of the name, they pretty much rule it. They are all that is good in rock and roll. Am I a fan? Hell yes. They write catchy yet dense and musically complex pop songs. Rumour has it that they have a new albums worth of material just waiting to be recorded. Someone get this band a studio, NOW! I know nothing of TV Torso. Just did some research. You ever wonder what happened to the Austin band Sound Team that was gonna be huge? Well...they broke up and then some members reformed as as TV Torso. Eternal Tapestry plays music of the psychedelic persuasion. The show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Total Noise, Karen, and Rob Walmart. Total Noise sounds like it would be a pretty self explanatory band. "I guess they sound like...total noise". Of course you'd be wrong. But bands like to name themselves. Take for instance Garbage. I used to think ha ha this music doesn't sound like garbage. Though I might not laugh if I heard their music now. Anyway Total Noise is total pop. Slightly skewed and mostly crooned pop music. One of the guys in that band is also in Parenthetical Girls. I am pretty sure if you are down with those "girls", then you'd be down for this. Karen is a band that I used to not be able to find very well. They were kind enough to send me an email about themselves. They love "MTV's the State, as well as the food item Pizza." I love MTV's The State and the food item Pizza. Maybe I should join the band? They also mentioned a desire to explore weird rhythms in short songs. One time a girl at one of their shows said, "Oh my god, I love Julian Casablancas,". Julian Casablancas is not in the band. Rob Walmart make seriously messed up beats in the back of a milk truck or something while making up weird spoken word type things (stories?). It must be seen to be believed. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at one of these shows, it is probably not me. Say, "Hi" anyways.


Joggers played the Kenton Club earlier this year. I was out of town. Tonight they play Mississippi Studios. Just Sayin'

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