Monday, April 26, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Monday, April 26th

Hello Dear Readers,

I feel I have done you a disservice. Last night there were two shows that I did not know about until last minute. Or at least until after I posted my entry for yesterday. I played a last minute tiny house show with Y La Bamba before jetting down to Rontoms as fast as I could in order to catch Billygoat. I missed Sea Caves who played right before Billygoat. I did not realize (or remember) that Johnny from New Century Schoolbook also plays keys in that band. Billygoat were great. They played outside and projected their animations onto the side of the building. It sounded pretty good, but there was a relatively full moon that was kind frustratingly bright on their projections. I love that band. They have a CD that I need to get (I did not have my wallet). Plus they sell amazing looking prints for hella cheap ($7 for the small and $10 for the large). Awesome. Anyway, here are the shows that look good to me tonight:

Valentine's is having a show with Brian Park, The Blank Tapes (SF), Pony Village, and Hi Ho Silver Oh (LA). I could not find any information on our boy Brian Park. But I do like my boys Pony Village. I recently got their 12" ep and it is solid. They have great melodies sung by the breathy vocals of Pony Village mastermind Ryan Barber. Indie Pop Rock forever! Anyway, they will playing with The Blank Tapes who play the kind of throw back to the 60s garage bands or whatever. It sounds good and jangly. The Hi Ho silver Oh play music that resides somewhere between folk and indie pop. I believe that they call it indie folk pop? Anyway, after looking at their myspace page I realized that I have their CD. I don't really remember how, but it found its way into the Y La Bamaba merch box sometime last month. I am almost positive that we did not play with them though. Life is so mysterious! The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Rotture is having a show with The Trouble At Home, Lee Corey Oswald, and Grey Anne. I know all of these bands. Kinda. Well I have heard about The Trouble at Home through their band member Tim Martin. You may better know him through one of his other musical outlets, His Name Shall Breathe. Or at least your should, because it is one of the many musical acts that I find to be fantastic. You guys know how I always like to remind of how I feel about the bands I love. So rumour has it that The Trouble at Home kinda has a roots rock, perhaps CCR, feel to it. I have yet to find any music to confirm or deny the rumour. I did find out that Grey Anne, another one of my absolute favorites, did a few shows around the state with the troublesome band. She is the queen of writing clever and sometime achingly honest songs that are song atop equally clever looped arrangements. Lee Corey Oswald is a duo that find the overlap between folk music and punk rock spirit. Mostly harmonies. I learned a lot about harmonies listening to punk music. Take you Bad Religion etc... and you find many a tight harmony. Not that they sound like Bad Religion. Man... what was I talking about? Whatever. Just check out this show, it will be good times. It is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

The Half and Half is having a show with Black Neon Crystal Wizard and Messy Jacksons. Half an Half is a tiny coffee shop in downtown right next to Reading Frendy. I have never heard of it having shows. In fact it will very soon be closing it's doors forever. Black Neon Crystal Wissard is a band that I have never heard of. They have no recordings. What they do have is a page that says this, "To date, BNCW have not released any recordings and they prefer to treat the live venue as their only official medium." For some reason, that fascinates me. They sight experimental electronic, rock noise and ambient music as influences. So they might sound like experimental electronic ambient noise rock. I could find zero info on Messy Jacksons. Who knows what they sound like? A total mystery show. The only way to find out what these mysterious bands might sound like is to go to the show. It is FREE and starts around 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". It is a shortened version of hello.


Grey Anne will be performing at Rotture tonight. Pretty cool, no?

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