Friday, March 19, 2010

Swallows: Between the Sea and Sky Release

Hi folks,

As fate would have it, I'll be playing a bit part in a really cool show tonight, but let me tell you about the MAIN EVENT.

Powerhouse duo Swallows are having a CD Release show at Langano Lounge for their latest disc Between the Sea and Sky.

Their new work demonstrate a mastery of controlled intensity, with compositions meditating on a modality and building in force and intricacy into bold poetic landscapes.

The 8 track album, recorded by the late Kip Crawford, feels like a beautifully understated synthesis of the group's proggy, riot grrrl and queercore infuences. There's plenty of rock intensity, but it's balanced by poignant negative space. Em Brownlowe's vocals come across clear amid the intricate drum and guitar filigree, communicating heady lyrical concepts with skillful brevity .

The show will begin promptly at 9 PM with a Spanish class conceived ensemble Los Postmodernos, which also features Brownlowe. Also playing will be prog/minimalist group Form & Fracture (I'll be subbing on clarinet with them -fun!), and DJ Gaycondo will be providing some fine sounds to dance to. Langano Lounge is located
at 1435 SE Hawthorne.

"When They Come to Us" performed live at the Egyptian Club, 2-11-10. This song is featured on the new album Between the Sea and the Sky

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