Friday, March 12, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, March 12th

Hello Dear Readers,

Yesterday was really busy and kinda upsetting. I had most of my blog post finished the night before, but I slept late and ended up leaving the house and being away from a wireless network until 11 last night, thus there was no post. Frustrating. I helped a friend move last night (I seem to be doing this a lot lately) which was cool, but perhaps not as cool as seeing a show. Anyway, who went to the Blue Horns, World's Greatest Ghost, and Typhoon show last night? Was it as awesome as I imagined it? Here are the shows that look good to me tonight:

Friday, March 12th

Jimmy Mak's is having a show with Blue Cranes and Sam Howard Band. Blue Cranes are an amazing Jazz band. But they do more than just straight up jazz. In fact they are admitted fans of Indie Rock. They have even covered the likes of Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens. I think they make incredibly beautiful music. I have not heard Sam Howard or his band, but I believe that they are Jazz as well. Tonight is a CD release show for them. The show is $10 and starts at 8 PM.
Laughing Horse Books is having a show with Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Kidcrash, Ochre, and Zoogirl. This is a benefit show in order to buy a PA for this emerging ALL AGES space. I have not been to it yet, but I have listed some very good shows happening here. Tonight is no exception. Duck. Little Brother, Duck! is an amazing math pop group. I cannot get over how awesome their music is, they are soon to be done with or have finished a recording that I have not heard yet. I cannot wait. Kidcrash is a band that I have not seen but have heard very good things about. Then there is Zoogirl who I saw once and was very impressed. It reminded me of something off of Saddle Creek circa 2000 which probably sounds like something off of Discord records circa 1998. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Laura Veirs, The Old Believers, and Cataldo (Seattle). Laura Veirs lastest offering July Flame is hella good. Especially the title track. It has been stuck in my head since I first heard it in December. This line is a really cool thing too. Basically it is Laura's bandmates primary bands opening up the show. When your band mates are The Old Believers and Cataldo, this a very effectice way of filling up a bill. Both bands are great. The Old Belivers last release was one of my favorites from 2008. I cannot get enough of it. I have not seen Cataldo, but this line up has played before and I checked it out then. Good. This is the tour kick off show for these groups. They are about to tour the country in this incarnation. Awesome. Take that America. A little taste of Portland should go a long way. The show is $15 and starts at 9 PM.

Bamboo Grove Salon is having "Dance Class" with Reporter, Copy, Push n Play, and Maxx Bass. This is a warehouse show. There is a restaurant in NW with the same name sans the Salon part. Do not go there. At least not for music, I have no idea how the food is. But I am losing focus, what I mean to say is if you want to lose focus in perhaps a dance groove, you should check out this show. Reporter are an a really fun band to dance to. I think this is there first show they will play since announcing that they signed to Holocene Music. Come help them celebrate. Plus Copy always brings it, and he tends to spread it around. He is my favorite keytarist in Portland. Hands down. The show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

East End is having a show with Micah John, Michael Maker, Josh Spacek, and Donny Maker. I believe that both Michael and Donny are from the glamourous garage pop band, The Makers. It will be interesting to see how they fair outside their main project. I especially want to see Monarques front man Josh Spacek. He is rumored to be playing solo and acoustic. Maybe all of the acts will play solo acoustic. Crazy. The show is at 9 PM (I have seen no information regarding a cover charge).

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". I want to be your show buddy.


Duck. Little Brother, Duck! will do a little more than practice tonight. They will play a full set at Laughing Horse Books.

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Ben Meyercord said...

Damn it I forgot,that The Morals are playing at Bear Hug with Maggie Morris and some others tonight too.