Thursday, May 7, 2009

RE: WW Best new bands 2009

This is Goldie Davich coming to live from the home office desk of me, Goldie Davich your fair and balanced news reporting blogger. Bitttttttch pleeeeeeeeeze.

YAY BEN!!! Woo Hooo #6! I love you. I am happy you are living the dream. You make Crappy Indie Music proud. You also lend us some sweet, sweet cred. For that I am grateful and giddy! You know I love it.

Each person who voted got a total of 15 points to divvy up between 5 bands as they saw fit. That is 121 people and 1815 votes.

I am so happy the WW gave us the amount of votes each band got! Who knew I would grow to love math?!

Here is the math:

#1 Explode Into Colors
80 Points
4.40% of all points

#2(tie)Blind Piolt
66 Points
3.63636363% of all points

66 Points
3.63636363% of all points

#4 Grouper
65 Points
3.58% of all points

#5 White Fang
48 Points
2.64% of all points

#6 Y La Bamba
38 Points

#7 Ah Holly Fam'ly
33 Points
1.8181% of all points

#8 Guidance Counselor
31 Points
1.70% of all points

#9 Old Believers
30 Points
1.65% of all points

#10 Jared Mees and the Grown Children
28 Points
1.54% of all points

Here is the detailed list of who voted and who they voted for: The Chosen Few

I'm leaving town this year. Not Ben. This is more or less an "insiders" post due to the fact that I am simply giving you the cold hard numbers and leaving you to do the REAL MATH...

Keep it real!
Ste. Goldie

Here, play with this while I'm gone!


Goldie Davich said...

Casey Clark from PDX Pop Now! says my math is all wrong... He says we were NOT allowed to give all of our points to one band. WELL -- stupid me deleted my inbox a few days ago and I swear it said we could allot our votes as we saw fit. I don't have time to fiddle with my math. I have to pack for DALLLLLLAAAAASSSS!!!

See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

Ben Meyercord said...

I got CRED!

Cary Clarke said...

Totally a minor point, but I wanted to clarify a few things.

First of all, this is Cary Clarke (not Casey - people do make that mistake sometimes, though, especially Alan Singley when he's drunk). Here's my minor mathematical note.

There was a total of 1815 possible points that could have been assigned, but no band could have received more than 605 of them, since the maximum number of points a band could receive from a single voter was 5. You could assign up to 15 points if you voted for 5 bands, but if you only voted for one, as I understand it, your single choice did not receive 15 points, but the maximum of 5.

So, yes, while Explode Into Colors did only receive 4.4% of the maximum possible points that could have been cast (I'm not sure how many actually were), they received 13.22% of the maximum number of points they could have received (i.e. if every voter had put them as number one).

Again, hardly a major issue, but the obsessive-compulsive in me felt compelled to point this out.

That is all.

Goldie Davich said...

That is awesome. I feel dumb that I said Casey. I think I even said it to ben and he corrected me. I was kinda drunk this morning from not sleeping... I'm in Dallas enjoying the humidity. My hair IS SO CURLY! I am suppose to be on vacation but I broke down and checked the blog.

thanks for the break down.

I love the OC in you! It really rules!

Amber Dawn said...

I see that there are a lot of good names ont hat list - explode into colors are amazing so I am pleased to see them at #1

Ben Meyercord said...

Alan Singley used to call me Dan, Drunk or sober.

t wiggins said...

yeah, EIC is totally f-ing rad, if i hadn't just thought up my list in about 30 seconds it would've included them and Dudes Of Chaos... alan just helped me mix down an album. he didn't confuse my first name, but i did almost put my foot in joon's litter box...

Goldie Davich said...

the first time I saw EIC was on this blog. AD was it you who posted that video of them @ holocene? That video wasn't all that great but the performance was great. I look forward to watching them live.

Ron Trembath said...

Ben's brother band, Westfold, needs your help. There is a new list coming that they are slowly creeping to the top. I think they are tied for 9th or something right now. Go here:

cast the vote! help the brothers out!