Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for May 6th

Hello Dear Readers,

What's the haps? I am excited about this weekend. There looks like there will be many shows worth going to, but I am getting a little ahead of myself aren't I? Here is what is happening today. I will get to those other shows in a bit.

Wednesday, May 6th

After somewhat of a lackluster Cinco de Mayo, we have a lot of good shows happening tonight.

  • Holocene is shaving a show with Grouper, Hauschka (Duesseldorf, Germany), Chrome Wings, and Saudade. Grouper is quite good. Though it is not a show to be seen by everyone. There will not be spectacle. There will not by jumping around. The times that I have seen her, she has sat on the floor with her pedals and just did what she does (ambient droney stuff sometimes with some vocals). But really it is good. She got #4 in the WW's "Best New Band List" for a reason. Saudade sounds like it is very akin to Grouper but less "folk". The show is $8 and doors are at 8:30 PM.
  • galleryHOMELAND is hosting PDX Film Fest Party. This will feature a CARTUNE XPREZ curated event including music by Deelay Ceelay. This looks like t will be really cool. You like film stuff right? Film and music are inherently linked right? Visuals plus sound are what make a good show. Plus I want to see Deelay Ceelay real bad. It is FREE and starts at 7 PM.
  • Crystal Ballroom is having night one of two featuring The Shins and The Delta Spirit (CA) play. The tickets are a whopping $35 (not that it matters because it is totally sold out). The Shins are a band that I think I totally take for granted. I would love to see them again. But the likelihood of that happening becomes less and less each year. Sigh. The ALL AGES show starts at 9 PM.
  • Dale Ann's Ladd's Inn is having a show with Castanets, Ohioan and Chick Korea. Castanets and Ohioan are kinda similar. I mean, they boy range from solo to various states of a band. They both play kinda experimental country music.(do not think psychedelic). I have been meaning to see both for a long time. The dude from Castanets sometimes lives here, but a lot of time he does not. So if you want to see them, now would be the time. It is FREE and starts at show o clock (i.e. I could not find a time listed).
  • Laurel Thirst Public House is having Dolorean play. Sometimes they are not the most exciting to watch, but they are certainly good. Especially when they have a lot of people on stage. It is the kind of music that lends itself to many layers of instrumentation. The show is for FREE. It happens really early at 6 PM.

So if you see me tonight. tap my shoulder and say "Hi". I will then proceed to tell you how much I like whatever band is playing.


Deelay Ceelay play with videos and it looks cool, right? They play tonight for FREE.

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