Monday, May 18, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Reviews

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night was super fun. I went and saw The Ocean Floor, Church, and Nurses at Rontoms. They held the show outside in the absolutely perfect temperatures that we had last night. It was the fist time I have seen a show on their back porch. And to be honest. I think they can doo better with the placement of the bands. Their is a huge planter blocking most of the view of the stage area and none of the tables were moved which left very little room for an actual audience. Luckily I worked my way up to the front were I anchored myself so as to not miss any of the music. I love all of those bands. Especially Church who are my current favorite Portland band. They just left on a big ol' tour. I wish them well. Anyways, here are some shows that are happening this week.

Monday, May 18th

Monday is my Thursday. Thursday is the new Friday. That means I'm gonna see a show tonight!

Mississippi Pizza is having a show that I would not miss for the world. Sarcastic Dharma Society is playing. He is really good. He writes songs that I find very hard to not "feel". I don't think he play out that much and if he does I never know about it (such is the nature of a lot of house shows). But tonight I know he is playing I know where he is playing (I already mentioned those facts). I also know that this will be the premeire of his new band (albeit, only on one or two songs). I am very looking forward to seeing his band. I know that Petoskey is playing. I have heard them and it sounds good. It is related to the band Pigeons who is also good. I don't see any cover listed but I am sure it is worth at least donated some cash to see. It all starts at 9 PM.

There is also a show at Worksound with Hammer of Hathor, Some Weird Sin and The Slaves. I have not really listened to any of these bands, but I saw that Hammer of Hathor has a couple of cassette tapes with hand made packaging at Mississippi Records that I find very appealing. They probably make artsy music. If you look on their myspace page you will see that there might be an element of jazz in there. It is just interesting enough for me to list. Also I am curious about Worksound as a venue. The show is ALL AGES and the cover is by donation. The doors open at 8:30 PM.

Tuesday, May 19th

It's Tuesday. My Friday. I might go and see me some local PDX -is so damn cool -indie music.

Mississippi Studios is having a Vive Voce party. Basically they are going to play the new album (I think live?) and a music video for the song "Octavio" from the new album. that Alica Rose directed (fitting since the new album is called Rose City). I am sure there will other fun things too. Cake? I hope there's cake. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Valentine's is having a show with Guidance Counselor, North America, and Chrome Wings.
Guidance Counselor is pretty fun. I imagine it will get pretty dancey in the small confines of Valentine's. Which actually will probably make it a really fun show. Also, a note to North America: Your name makes it impossible to google. Welcome to obscurity. The show is FREE(but donations are now and I guess always have been welcomed) and starts at 9 PM.

So if you find yourself at one of therse shows and spot me, please let me know by saying "Hi".


The Sarcastic Dharma Society - We Were from sarcasticdharma on Vimeo.

Sarchastic Dharma Society looks and sounds a lot like this. He plays tonight at Mississippi Pizza.

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