Friday, May 8, 2009

Out-Of-Town Music Review - Turnpike Glow

Turnpike Glow is composed of two Italians and two British guys now all living in the UK. The band was started by Giuseppe and Sandro in Italy, and after starting to play a few shows in the UK, they decided that London was the place for them, and Ben and Anthony joined the band to complete the rhythm section.
Unfortunately, I only have three of their songs to listen to, Monday Suitcase, Warranty, and Poppy's Portrait. Through these songs, I have a good picture of the band. It's immediately obvious why the founders decided to emigrate - their sound is very brit-pop, though the electronics on Monday Suitcase and to a lesser extent Poppy's Portrait remind me of the Super Furry Animals from a neighbouring isle. Monday Suitcase starts out slow with sustained guitar chords and piano, shortly bringing in a strong beat and some electronic sounds, with vocals following. The vocal arrangements are one of the strongest points of the band - catchy tunes with well-placed harmonies. (And as a sometimes backup singer, I know it's not as easy as it sounds.) Warranty opens with some aahs and oohs and develops into a tight, guitar driven pop song. Poppy's Portrait is more slow, quiet and simple. I do have one serious complaint about these guys.. they just haven't produced enough material. I would like to hear more, and now!
Groovy brit-pop with an electronic touch, showing that Italians do, in fact, do it better. Their Myspace suggests that new music is forthcoming soon.. I can't wait!

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