Sunday, June 20, 2010

Music Review : Strangers Family Band Self-Titled EP

I've owed Strangers Family Band this review since - eh, way longer ago than I like to remember. I've been kind of a space cadet what with school, preparing to move, and other non-blog related things.
At any rate, Strangers Family Band's self-titled ep (which they offer up for free download, by the way,) contains psychedelic-rock inspired tunes in a variety of moods. When I first listened to it, I had my hater hat on, and I said, "This band sounds just like they're from the 1960's. What's with that, I may as well just listen to old psych rock." But then the CD remained in my car, and kept
finding its way into my CD player, and I couldn't help dancing a little in my seat and singing along, and realize that, hey, they do an old-fashioned thing really well, and make good music.
Musically, the songs are thick with reverb-drenched surfy guitars and organ. "Girl I've Been Taken" "No One Seees Her" and "Tangerine" are my favorites, for being perfectly poppy. "Wooden Hands" has a bit of accordion and a beat for drinking to.
"Strange Transmission" and "Beware the Autumn People", the first long and heavy on sitar, the second with carnival-style organ, didn't do much for me, though I anticipate that Autumn People would be excellent live.
If you're need a little more groovy in your life, give Strangers Family Band a listen.

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