Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BLUE GIANT Album Giveaway

Hey, holy crap! I think this might be the first time we've popped a contest on you, so jubilation is mandatory.

What could be more romantic than an evening at The Woods with your lovely wife? An evening at The Woods with your lovely wife and Ben Meyercord! At least that is how I got to see Portland's very own The Robinsons, Kevin and Anita Robinson, actually. They're best known as Viva Voce, but in another configuration are Blue Giant, who after a pretty stellar EP release are coming out with their debut album on Vanguard Records, which features not only the Robinsons but some Portland heavyweights like Chris "Tobias" Funk, Evan "S-Words" Railton, and Seth "Betty White" Lorinczi.


Well, we'd like to give three of you a copy, to be precise. Send us an email with "BLUE GIANT CONTEST" as the subject, and tell us briefly and humorously why you feel that you are 'the fifth Robinson'. We'll post the best of these, and three lucky winners will be chosen (by whimsy!) to get the Blue Giant album. Make sure to include your mailing info.

NEXT UP: There should be some review and interview goodness coming, and Blue Giant have some wacky NW gigs before going off into the wide world. Check them out!

July 13: Portland, OR- Music Millennium (7pm) – Side 1 of ‘Blue Giant

July 14: Portland, OR- Jackpot Records (6pm)- Side 2 of ‘Blue Giant

July 15: Seattle, WA- Sonic Boom (7pm) – Side 1 of ‘Blue Giant

July 16: Seattle, WA- Silver Platters (7pm)- Side 2 of ‘Blue Giant

July 17: Eugene, OR- CD World (3pm)- Selections from ‘Blue Giant

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Ben Meyercord said...

I got a name drop. Whoo hoo!