Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, June 1st

Hello Dear Readers,

How are you? Did you get a new hair cut? Or are you just looking good today? Whatevs. It has been a while but I am back. kinda. For a few days at least. I am out of town this weekend. I have been taking a break from show going. And everything in general. I just got back from a vacation. It was awesome. I didn't practice. I didn't play shows. I didn't work. I got to hang out with a girl that I am kinda crazy about. Good times. Then I got back late Sunday night. Yesterday, I went up to Seattle and played Folk Life a musical festival dedicated to all things folk. I thought the name seemed somewhat cynical, but the people their all seemed very happy. Or very high. Many seemed to fall into both of those camps. I briefly saw Grey Anne but did not recognize any other Portland Musicians at the festival. Anyway there are a couple of really good touring shows that look good tonight from The Buzzcocks, to MGMT, to Seattle's own brilliant Sera Cahoone. There are not many good local shows tonight, though. As you know I write about the Portland area bands. This is the show I could find:

The Knife shop is having a show with On The Stairs, AristeiA, and My Dads. Yes, yes. I play in AristeiA which I think is one of the better bands in Portland. But I would have listed this show anyway. It is a bit of an odd pairing. At least with On The Stairs. Nate Clark of On The Stairs makes Americana music. AristeiA and My Dads play instrumental rock music. That being said I like all bands on the bill. I even sang on a song for On The Stairs album that was released earlier this year. If you go to his myspace page and listen to his song "When the dust comes down", incidentally my favorite song on the album, you can hear me bust out a long series of "oh's". But if you do not want to hear me sing, then I suggest you check out AristeiA. I play bass in this band but do not sing a note. We let our instruments do the the singing. If you are a fan or rock music, you will probably dig on our band. If you are a fan of interesting music, than you will probably dig on this band. If you are into loudish music, then this is a band you might dig on. My Dad's also make the instrumental rock music. Though they seem to be more post-rock than rock. If you think you understand that sentence, then you probably do. If didn't understand the sentence then I would not worry about it. They are pretty cool and you should check them out.

If you see me at The Knife Shop please say "Hi". It would be a nice welcome back to Portland.


I could not find footage of the other bands, but this is what AristeiA was like a while ago. We are kinda different now. Better.

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