Monday, July 14, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for July 14th to 20th

Hello Dear Readers,

I want to say that last week I had fun at some shows. The reason being that I actually danced. I saw two bands that made me get up off my ass and dance around and spazz out a bit. The first was Hockey (God they made me want to shake my ass). The second was the Blue Horns (very good for flailing yourself about). Anyways, there is opportunity for that if you want to try it out this week .

Monday, July 14th

I could only few things, but rest assured they is good.
  • Ghost to Falco plays a show with Mattress and Future Phones (Seattle). I have seen Ghost to Falco a couple times now and relly like his shows. He plays kinda dark guitar looping art stuff (in the same ball park of Dragging an ox?). Matress is said to play sinister minamal syth based music. It looks like Future Phones are a punk band from Seattle. The show is FREE so I don't see any excuse as to why you shouldn't go. The music starts sometime after 9 PM.
  • Or if you don't want to go out, or you do want to hang out in a small space. You can either tune into or drop by KPSU to hear Love Menu play a live set on the radio as part of the Half & Half Hour show. They make well arranged female led folk pop. FREE and ALL AGES. It happens at 9 PM.

Tuesday, July 15th

There are some really good shows happening this Tuesday.
  • There is a show featuring a Tender Loving Empire approved indie pop rock lineup on Tuesday at the Doug Fir. It will feature Jared Mees and the Grown Children, The Morals, and The Wherewithals. I have not seen Jared Mees or his Grown Children, but I have heard their songs and they are good. I have seen the Morals and they too are good. I don't know much of the Wherewithals but I have had good people vouch for them. This show is $6 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Or if you are feeling kinda lazy, perhaps you could just hang out all day in your pajamas all day and then head out to the Chaos Cafe where there is a Pajama Party/show happening. The line up is Mother McKensie (Las Vegas), Meyercord, Sheltered Kids, and Def Kids. All people in the audience are also encouraged to wear their pajamas as well. There are rumors of ghost stories and truth and dare. Did I mention the music? Its pretty good too. This ALL AGES show is FREE (though there is a suggested donation of $3). It will start after 8 PM
  • The other really good show is going down at Towne Lounge. Cohen (Bay Area, CA), Grey Anne (of Per Se), and NickCaceres are all playing. I can't get over how good Grey Anne's songs are (and well arranged). Nick Caceres is pretty quirky and and usually sings is little guts out. He's best when He's backed by his band which includes a stand up bass and drummer. This show is $6. The music starts promptly at 9:30 PM.
  • Zilla Sake has an open mic hosted by Y La Bamba. There are some good people who sometimes drop in. Plus there are like300 kinds of Sake stocked and fresh sushi. This is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Wednesday, July 16th

There are some good ones going on Wednesday.
  • The first one I want to mention is cool for several reasons. 1. The show is FREE 2. The show is outdoors 3. The show is ALL AGES 4. The show is early and 5. The show is All Girl Summer FunBand and Dirty Mittens. The show is part of the the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, "Music of Main Street" series. The FREE ALL AGES ALL LOCAL show takes place at 5 PM outside the Schnitz (on Main street between SW Broadway and SW Park).
  • Over at the Holocene, Ryan Dolliver is having a CD release show with Matt Sheehy, Alexis Gideon, and and DJ Honey Dripper. Apparently Ryan Dolliver makes all kinds of music (pop, jazz guitar, turntablism. etc...). Who knows what it will sound like. My hopes are that it sounds good. You can find out if you attend the show (CD is included in the cover). I have seen Matt Sheehey play and I think I like it more every time I do. Alexis Gideon has a video show that corresponds to his performance. I only saw it once and the sound did not do it justice. The Holocene knows how to do sound right, so I am looking forward to seeing it again. The show is $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • There is a show at Camellia Lounge featuring Amy Seely and Karli Fairbanks(Spokane). I keep hearing good things about Karli Fairbands so it might be worth checking out if you like female led folk pop. The show is FREE and ALL AGES. The show starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, July 17th
  • There are some really good ones on Thursday (assuming you can't drop the $35 to see the Jesus Mary Chain).
  • The Doug Fir is having a CD release show for Portland Beatboxer/singer/DJ/MC/Producer, Nicoluminous. Nicoluminous is known for his hip-hop. His new album, Unstoppable, is released on Beatwagon Records on Thursday. He will be playing with a full band. Y La Bamba, also playing with a full band, will be opening the show with a set of her unique brand of indie gypsy folk pop music which will make for a very diverse night. The show will be hosted by Fogatron. The show is $8. The music starts at 9 PM.
  • Backspace will be host to Canadian MC, Busdriver, on Thursday, speaking of hip-hop. The reason I am listing the show is because local Boy Gorilla, Breakfast Mountain will be opening up along with DJ Tan't. This is one of the Holocene presents shows that occasional occur at Backspace. Both Breakfast Mountain and Tan't make kinda electronicy music. It should be a good thing if your into that. Plus Busdriver is really good (if your into kinda nerdy hip-hop). Theshow is ALL AGES and costs $8. The music starts at 9 PM.

  • Holocene is having an all local show with the likes of Dykeritz, Lakthereof, and Alan Singley and Pants Machine. It also serves as a CD release
    show for Dykeritz, the one man pop show extrodinare that is Jordan Blum. His new album, Rearrangerologyistics, is out now on Lucky Madison. Lakerthereof is Danny Siem of Menomena solo-ish project (I hear he has Paul Alcott of Dat'r on drums). And Alan Singley and Pants Machine are an indie pop band that has Burt Bacharach mentioned everytime they are brought up (see, it just happened). The show is $6. The show starts at 9 PM.

  • East End is having a show with Panther, Joggers, and DJ Magic Beans. I still have yet to see Panther as a two piece. I hear that its different. But the main reason for listing this is Joggers. They are so good and their new songs from their as yet to be released new album are so good. It is all really crazy and kind of mathy stuff disguised as perfect pop songs. The show will be FREE. The show starts sometime after 9 PM.

  • Towne Lounge is having a show on Thursday with Pony Village, Yeltsin, and The Plagiarists (Minneapolis). This looks to be a pretty solid indie rock show. The atmosphere of the Towne Lounge is a good one, I find it to be a fun place to see shows. And usually the bands they book are pretty good (sometimes very good). This show is $5. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
Friday, July 18th

There are somethings happening on Friday. Here are the ones that I am interested in.

  • Chaos Cafe is having St. Frankie Lee is play along with Laazarus, and Love Menu. I love watching St. Frankie Lee play their rowdy countrified songs. When I saw them play last Saturday, they had grown to a solid eight piece band. It was also at this show that St. Frankie Lee told me about Laazarus. Aparenttly, he is a mysterious man who lives in the woods and has a crazy red beard who plays his songs every so often and then retreats to his secret lair. Or at least this is what I remember them telling me. I have played with Love Menu before and they were real good like (nicely arranged folk pop). Though this show is not listed on Love Menu's Myspace page, and I am therefore uncertain of their appearance, I would still say, "Check this one out". The show is ALL AGES and FREE. The show is at 9 PM.

  • The Artistery is having a show with Ohioan & Native Kin, Jack Lewis Band, and Inside Voices. I have never seen any of these bands, but I know Artistery puts on good shows, and I know I have written about Ohioan & Kin and Inside Voices before. I would say take a chance on this show. The show is ALL AGES and costs $6. The music starts at 8 Pm.

  • PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art is turning 13 years old. Crazy teenagers. To celebrate, PICA is throwning a birthday party at Holocene. The previous link has all the information, but let me just say that Fleshtone, Mega*Church, Velella Velella (Seattle), and DJ Beyonda will providing the entertainment. St. Cupcakes will providing the treats. And you guys will provide the audience. The cost of admission is $7 (I hear there will be raffles, so there is a chance you might really get your money's worth). The party starts at 8 PM.

    Saturday, July 19th

    Shows and shows and shows and shows.

  • Let me just say this. It is crazy to me how things work sometimes. The other week (month?) I hear about this new Portland band Called Blind Pilot. I check out their page and I'm like, "That's pretty good", then last week they are itunes single of the week. Now, this Saturday they are opening a show for Amiee Mann at the Aladdin Theater charging a cover fee of $35. Insane. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.

  • Exit Only is having a show featuring The Evolutionary Jass Band. Awesome. Doug Theriault and Wally Shoup Duet will also be playing. This should be Jazztaztic! The show is $5 and ALL AGES. The music starts sometime after 8 PM.

  • Mississippi Pizza is having a pretty cool show with some bands I know and and like. St. Frankie Lee will be playing again (nice). This time they have Elliot King, Mark Iris, and Love Menu in tow (this show is on Love Menu's page). There is no listed cover for this show. It starts at 9 PM.

  • The Coop is having a show too. I still have yet to go to the Coop, but I have heard that every show there is a butt load of fun. This show is comprised of Strength, DJ Freaky Outty, and Nathan Detroit. I know that Strength knows how to make the body rock. They bring the dance rock like nobody's business. Plus it is a bubble wrap dance party (which is exactly what it sounds like). The ALL AGES show is $2 and starts at 9 PM.

Sunday, July 20th

I found two shows for you on Sunday.
  • The first is at Someday Lounge, where Boat (Seattle), Dirty Mittens, and The Winebirds are playing a show. It seems like almost everyone I know knows some in Boat or knows someone who has played with Boat. Andy from Fensepost loves Boat. I still have not seen Boat. So I am going to try to make it to this show. I have seen Dirty Mittens play and they are gooed. I don't know anything about The Winebirds, but they have good choices of top friends (for whatever thats worth). The show costs $6 and starts at 9 PM.

  • The other show is at Doug Fir and is largely not a local show. It is Earlimart (LA), Sabertooth, and The Parson Redheads (LA). I mention the show because I think that Earlimart make pleasent music. I also know people who have talked up The Parson Redheads. But more importantly I like what I have heard of Sabertooth. They are actually on a comp. CD with Meyercord called Ball of Wax. Sabertooth's album will be coming out on Arena Rock Recording Company later this year. This show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.

    So there you have another week of great shows. I hope to see you at some of them. If you see me first, come up and say,



The Evolutionary Jass Band play Exit Only on Saturday. Awesome!

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Amber Dawn said...

1. people in this town do not dance at shows enough. myself included. all those other people not dancing make me feel stupid if I feel like dancing. I hate that.
2. The parson red heads used to be localish (I don't remember if it was portland or eugene, but somebody I know used to know them) so don't feel bad about featuring them. besides, they're good. ;)