Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Listen Portland House Party Goers: RESPECT THE HOUSE

The folks at, Portland's best show guide*, have something to say to you:

Leave your garbage dumping, bad mannered friends at home!

"It's not just that one particular show. House shows in general seem to be suffering from a lack of the understanding of 'RESPECT THE HOUSE'. There was a garbage incident at The Coop (my house - which actually has a business license). The same night there were tiki torches snapped in half and thrown in the fire. I've seen houses shut down for shit like this before... DH 13th, which did house shows for SEVEN years was shut down and threatened with eviction because at one show, some dumb ass tagged their neighbors front door." --Damian of

Joe fucking Destroy 08.06.14 @ The Coop -1AM Photo From PC-PDX

Sounds like some D-bags need to be shut down, not the houses that are a main artery of Portland music life blood.


Check out what the folks at PC-PDX are saying about MTV's boner for Portland's indie music epidemic:'s response

*Best show guide besides Ben Meyercords of course.


Ben Meyercord said...

That sucks about people not respecting the house venues. You would think that people would remember that a house is a place where people live. I hope people get better. I still haven't made it to The Coop, but I hear it is really something special I would hat e for it to have to shut down.

Also, I have no idea how to react to the MTV thing. is totally the best show guide. I could not make my posts with out it. said...

OHHh Damz, do we love us some CIMTB!

Amber Dawn said...

I really appreciate this being said. I've never thrown a show at my house, but I have friends who have thrown house parties, and have had to aid in crowd control more than once. I mean, if you don't know someone, don't go through their fucking cabinets. Unless you want me to break your face. Not to mention, oh, peeing in people's sinks, tagging, breaking their furniture, etc. Like ben said, houses are places where people live. Of course, I'm kind of neurotic, and even playing at house shows makes me a mite edgy cause I think people are gonna touch my shit. I prefer throwing parties that end in Pictionary. But, I really enjoy that people throw house parties I can go to and see music.