Sunday, July 6, 2008

why do portland bands always have to be the coolest?

My favorite thing about the Portland music scene is the number of amazing musicians that also happen to be incredible, nice, and interesting folks. Seriously, it amazes me. This weekend, I had the pleasure to see one of my favorite bands and friends play: Autopilot is For Lovers. If you haven't seen them or listened to them yet, I assure you you're missing out. Autopilot is For Lovers play dirge-like, multi-instrumental eclectic folk. A lot of words to describe them, but every syllable is worth it. With a seemingly consistent rotating cast of musicians, Stirling Myles joined them on bass this weekend. You never know who will show up. One of the most appealing qualities of Autopilot's music is that the songs have many possibile instrument pairings to perform them. One show you may see Adrienne playing accordian, Paul playing drums, and Matt playing violia and the next see Adrienne playing banjo, Mathew playing drums, Emily on violin, and Paul playing glockenspiel. All combinations rock.

Autopilot has just released a new EP, titled: "Sore Eyes". You can pick it up on the net or even better yet, see them live, strike up a conversation with them, and get one personally from them. You can catch Autopilot is For Lovers tonight at Slabtown with I Was Totally Destroying It. Paul will also be doing a short tour with The Builders and The Butchers next week.

Also playing with Autopilot on Friday at The Waypost, Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Another band which I would describe as multi-instrumental eclectic folk. This was the first time I saw WIBG live, they fuckin rocked. My roommate and I had an opportunity to duck out from the cops at a party with them later that night and struck up a conversation. We came to the conclusion that they are indeed "cool cats". They have also just released a new album titled: "My Bones They Are Naked". Catch them live at Rererato on June 16.

Finally, this brings me to Explode Into Colors. Explode Into Colors have quickly become my favorite Portland band, I saw them play at Dekum Manor during the Summer Of Love concert series and was blown away. They are the band I was looking for in town, the band that will play the percussive, japanese noise influenced, dance, awesome-out-of-this-fuckin-planet tunes that I love. I'm a big fan of OOIOO and The Boredoms, so this is best shit ever. My roommates and I were on a holy grail quest to catch them live this weekend, but was not able to do so. They werent able to play the Hot Boat show Friday and we werent really into hanging out at Worksound on Saturday. Fortunately!!! We were able to meet up with them and talk. I feel like such a fanboy. Definitely, come see them play on June 18th with The New Bloods and Yellow Fever at Dekum Manor, again!


Ben Meyercord said...

NWP--Glad to have you posting. I am going to put those shows in the live picks.

Adam Steinfink said...


I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I can see through your secret identity. I will find you and we will have a drink. We will have a great time together and there is nothing you can do to stop me!

Amber Dawn said...

damn you, I was just going to write a post about how awesome explode in to colors are. now we must battle to the death.