Sunday, July 27, 2008

PDX POP Fest Day 2

living proof pdx pop now fest 08
photo: Living Proof

I am so overwhelmed right now.

Swim Swam Swum! Sweater! Reporter! Nurses! Living Proof!

Too exhausted slash drunk slash lazy to go into detail of another awesome day of the festival. That said check it......
local cut

Had a blast and got some sweet footage too. More soon......


Anonymous said...

so yeah. i captured the entire starfucker set on digital video. but it's gonna take me awhile to upload and edit it into digestible youtube fragments.

also, i sadly work @ the stupid hippy burrito place that is my benevolent employer from 4-10 pm tomorrow (technically today), so my fest presence will be cut a bit short.

that said, at least i can catch wooden indian burial ground & meth teeth early on and warfield/sandpeople later on.

do NOT sleep on Sandpeople. Act like you know......

Ben Meyercord said...

Man, that Starfucker set was crazy. I was right at the front. It was more of a trying not to get crushed (but in a kinda fun way).

I saw Sandpeople last year and was rightfully blown away.

Dr. Something said...

Oooh, I'd love to see the video! I really wanted to see their set, but I started feeling really anxious from the crowd and had to head out early. I don't have very good festival endurance.

P Mike M said...

Yo, I am coming to PDX for the 1st time next week. Who are all the cool local bands? Is Doug Fir the hot spot? Are there other joints up there that are cool. Is The Chop hot in Portland yet? They are blowing up in San Fran.