Sunday, July 6, 2008

PDX Pop Now! 2008 related show Tonite!

So there is a last minute show happening at Rontoms tonight. I think maybe you should go? I'm gonna go.
  • It will feature the music of Nick Cacares and Y La Bamba. Both do variations of folk. The fun and exciting kind, not slow and boring (though I like that kind too). Its just a fun show that the PDX Pop Now! 2008 folks thought you might be interested in. It is basiclaly to introduce you to some local Portland musicians that maybe you not familiar with. I know that Both Nick Cacares and Y La Bamba are on the PDX Pop Now! 2008 CD. I also know for a fact that Y La Bamba is playing the actual festival which takes place July 25 to July 27th at Rotture. But again, this post is about Rontoms tonight at 8 PM. This show is FREE.

PDX Pop Now! 2008 July 25-27th

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