Monday, July 21, 2008

the sound of my soul being murdered by portlands music scene

Will someone please dump a bucket of water on me so I can have some peace?


Amber Dawn said...

take a breath, sister, and rembember.. pdx pop is not the be all and end all of portlands music scene. there is plenty of badass shit going on.. sometimes it just takes a bit more looking. I'm going to be on Mt. Rainier during the popfest, anyway.

Ste. Goldie said...

I know you are right... You always are.

I just looked up Mt. Rainer PopFest... LOL I miss read your comment. There is no Mr. Rainer PopFest.

I was working at the Gorge Games this weekend. What a trainwreck it was. I guess March Fourth Marching Band got screwed out of some money. Storm Large and The Balls played (i think they did unless they got screwed also...) last night but I got off work early and bailed.

The event coordinator and a bunch of other organizers quit the day before it started. Nobody knew what was going on... Anyway.

Being out in the Gorge in the beautiful sunshine made me happy.

Have fun on Cascadia's biggest volcano!