Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stay Informed Without Trying That Hard

Kid Tyger's previous blog post has a link to a story about how kids don't watch TV or read newspapers. The story is from Wired (like the magazine) Blog Center called " How American Youth Will Screw Viacom"

This got me thinking about how uninformed most of us can be. If we aren't sitting down in our car listening to the radio or sitting down in front of the computer reading political blogs or watching Bill Moyers Journal how can we stay up to speed? It's hard enough to get to all the shows, art events, BBQ's, let alone creating all of these things.

My solution is podcasts.

One of the podcast I recommend is the Rachel Maddow podcast by Green 960. She is normally broadcast on AM620 KPOJ. Rachel Maddow is my favorite Air America talk show host. She is hella smart, quick witted, FUNNY and genuinely progressive. Her show is set up as a news magazine with various segments instead of ranting and raving with boring callers. I like to remind people without iPods, you don't have to have own one to listen to podcasts. You can play them using your iTunes. Then crank up the volume of your computer speakers. Listen while you are getting the BBQ ready.

Photo of Rachel Maddow

There are 3 hours of the show. The podcast breaks it up into 3 separate casts. The show is 5 days a week.

IF you have a favorite podcast please leave a comment and let me know! I load my iPod shuffle before I go to work and then listen while I prep the pizzas. -- Ste. Goldie

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Anonymous said...

my fave podcasts:

sound opinions and this american life
from chicago public radio.

also "status ain't hood' despite the infrequent updates as of late.

runners up: the portland trailblazers podcast (because i am a huge basketball nerd). & a prairie home companion because i'm from MN.

oh, and the penny jam as a local music video podcast.