Wednesday, December 2, 2009

National Solo Album Month : Dusty Grimm "Senseless Bliss"

So, as you may know, November was National Solo Album Month. And, it has just drawn to a close.
I myself would much rather let other people tell me what to play than try to write a song, but I have the utmost respect for those brave souls who chose to give it a go, and would like to provide for you the results of one of these efforts,
Senseless Bliss by Portland local Dusty Grimm. I know the "point" of Solo Album Month wasn't necessarily to turn out a great album, but Senseless Bliss is pretty damn good, and probably going to enter regular rotation in my personal listening. Delightfully random, it contains elements of pop, electronica, samples, metal, country, and hip hop. Each song is in a bit of a different style, all with a lavish helping of fun. "The Unicorn" is probably my favorite. And you can hear it all for free right here :

And finally, I'd really like to hear what other people worked on... bloggers and otherwise.. maybe y'all could share some links right here in the comments section? :D


Dr. Something said...

I was just listening to and greatly enjoying Dusty Grimm's album yesterday. I agree that the variety of styles and sounds is refreshing, and the compositions are all incredibly well done, especially for an album with such a short gestation period.

Dr. Something said...

Also, for anyone interested in clarinet and recorder overdubs, my NaSoAlMo project Puppies Are Nature's Rainbows! can be listened to and downloaded for free on bandcamp here:

Or you can download the whole thing at once here:

Mike said...

I want Dusty Grimm to make a Christmas Album! I think it would be a good album. If all these people are making an album: than why can't he make a good one? Let me know what you think of that idea.

Amber Dawn said...

I dunno, Mike, Christmas music I might actually like listening to? My brain may explode.

Jess Gulbranson said...

Here's my NaSoAlMo contribution, free download: