Friday, December 11, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Liuve Music Picks for Friday, December 11th

Hello Dear Readers,

House sitting in Hillsboro is pretty sweet. No responsibility except for the house which is pretty easy considering it is an inanimate object. I just watched DVD all day. Yes, I missed a lot of cool shows. But I was going to miss a lot of them anyway. What with only being able to be at one place at a time. These are the shows that I want to see. But honestly, I am playing one of them so I will only attend that one. But here all of them:

Friday, December 11th

Ash Street Saloon is having a show with Westfold, Stray Heat, AristeiA, and My Dads. Westfold is a band that has evolved a lot over the years. What started out as a duo with acoustic guitar and bass has grown to a full fledged rock band that you can't imagine ever touched an acoustic guitar. The music has very cool dynamic starts and starts. The lyrics are often about social issues as oppose to all that lovey dovey stuff that a lot of people (myself included) write about. AristeiA is the instrumental rock band that I play bass in. The songs have riffs and guitar solos and break downs and everything. I have very good things about My Dads, also an instrumental rock band. The show is $5 and starts at 9:30 PM.

The Artistery is having a show with Grouper, Caldera Lakes, The Tenses, and Pulse Emitter. Grouper makes very pretty ambient drone folk music. The ALL AGES show is $6 and starts at 8 PM.

East End is having a show with Black Elk, Turks (Oakland), and The Ax. Black Elk is one of those "metal" bands that is a little different than straight up metal which is what I like about it. Also I hear that members or Black Elk are moving to LA. I have no idea what that means for the band. But I do know that it will be a while before they play Portland again. I am not familiar to Turks, but I really like The Ax. They are a Portland Two piece that makes makes really cool riff based rock. The show is $7 and starts at 9:30 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Norfolk & Western, Carcrashlander, and Grand Hallway (Seattle). Norfolk & Western is a rock band that used to be vaguely Decemberists-esque I guess back when they shared a member. But now it is straight up a pop-rock band . I guess the Decemberists are more a straight up rock band too. This is also a CD release show for Carcrashlander. I have heard a little bit of it and it sounds gooood. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

Dante's is having a show with Richmond Fontaine, Dolorean, and Michael Dean Damron. This is a much delayed CD release celebration for Richmond Fontaine. This is a solid Americana show. I have been into Richmond Fontaine for a long time now. I heard of them back when I lived in Texas. Dolorean is a great band that I did not hear until I moved up here. The consistantly put out good records. Michael Dean Damron used to front the kick ass band I Can Lick Any Sonofa Bitch In The House. He solo stuff is a lot slower and sadder. The show is $10 and starts at 9:30 PM.

Crystal Ballroom is having a show with Spoon, Black Joe Lewis (Austin), and Anya Marina (LA). Spoon is only kinda of a Portland band. I mean lead singer Britt Daniel lives here in Portland, but the rest of the band doesn't. They have a new album that is done and ready to be released (it won't be until January) which they will undoubtedly play songs from. Maybe for the first time in front of people. The ALL AGES show is $25 and starts at 8 PM.

Backspace is having a show with Bark Hide & Horn, and < href="" target="_blank">St. Frankie Lee. I can think of two reasons to see this show besides the great line up. One, it is the CD release for The Ascetic Junkies who make well made acoustic pop. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

Berbati's is having a show with The Thermals, Dirty Mittens, and White Fang. If you know these bands, you probably like these bands. If you like these bands then you probably probably are already going to the show. The Thermals make energetic rock music. They have catchy hooks. So many hooks. Dirty Mittens are a pop group that have a tinge of soul. Perhaps it is the sax. Whatever it is I think they are great. White Fang play the music of young people. It is punk music that poppy with out falling into the pop punk genre. The show is $14 and starts at 8 PM.

Hinson Annex is having a Live Your Love Benefit with Tango Alpha Tango, Valeri Lopez, and Jacob White. It is a benefit is to help The show is $5 and starts at 7 PM.

The Bear Hug is having Our Bright Lights part 3 presented by Potlatch Presents with White Lighter, Grey Anne, The Sarcastic Dharma Society, What Can Skulls Tell Us?, Sweeping Exits, Glass Teeth, Prescription Pills. This is a pretty impressive line up. White Lighter is Kyle from Typhoon playing solo. Grey Anne is Anne Adams playing solo and is great. Her songs are well arranged written and performed. A Grey Anne show is always special. The Sarcastic Dharma Society is one of my favorite songwriters here in Portland. If I were not playing a show, I would probably be here. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 7 PM.

If you see me at the Ash Street show please say, "Hi". Or else.


AristeiA will play tonight at Ash Street. It will be kinda like this.

p.s. I finished this hours ago but could not find internet until just now.

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