Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love The Harvey Girls!

Here is a super cute new video from my new favorite pop/experimental/electronica band, The Harvey Girls. The song is called Hey, Little Sprout!. It's off of the album Nutate:

Hey, Little Sprout! from the harvey girls on Vimeo.

Long story short:

In mid-December/early January I had a major electronic music baptism. I discovered IDM, Warp Records, more trip-hop (remember when I heard Massive Attacks Mezzanine for the first time last spring?) and more ambient. Inspired by all things experimental and electronica I started brainstorming about putting some shows together. I started an email correspondence with Hiram Lucke of The Harvey Girls. The Harvey Girls and I have been Myspace friends since they moved to Portland in 2006 but I had not listened to one of their full albums. Hiram sent me a link to their latest album called Nutate and an earlier release The Wild Farewell. These albums were the culmination of all the crazy bands I had just started listening to and some old time favorites as well. I was SO PSYCHED. Not only did I find a new genres that I love, I found a Portland band that I love!

Here is a less cute and more gory video from The Harvey Girls. The song is Don't Go Stop also off of Nutate:

Don't Go Stop from the harvey girls on Vimeo.

If you know of any other bands that are in the same vein please let me know! Especially if they are from Portland. -- Ste. Goldie


Unknown said...

Just starting to get into ambient myself- I'm making faster than I'm listening to it, which I suppose is a good thing. My friend Kek-w from across the pond has written quite a bit on the subject. Check the sidebar at his blog
and then look at the links there too. Some great stuff.

Ben Meyercord said...

If its ambient you are after check out Portland's Ethan Rose or Map~Map.

I really like what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Wait, why are people watching our videos... oh, hey, look at that.

Thanks for writing about us, Ste. Goldie.

Other bands:
* cars & trains (because tom's a great guy and an amazing musician--and we'd say that even if he didn't put out the album. Oh, and he's a local)
* our pal feedle (from the UK)
* For older stuff, I've always loved Moonshake and the offshoot Laika as much as I love Massive Attack and Portishead.
* Not quite the same, but I really love Juana Molina lately. She's got a folkier electro thing going, but watching her loop stuff live is great AND she's playing PDX Feb 11.
* Oh, and years of Can, King Tubby, Liquid Liquid, 80s pop radio, and some Brian Eno/Talking Heads probably addled us somehow.

During the initial writing and recording of this album, we listened to a lot of turntablists as well, but I'll leave that for an e-mail if you'd like. Our friend DJ Sku did all the turntable stuff on Nutate. He's really amazing.

OK, sorry for the longwindedness, but I could write about music forever. Thanks again.

Hiram (and Melissa)

Goldie Davich said...

Hiram and Melissa -- thank you for music that rules it. and thanks for all of the cool links. I'm gonna go on another music binge soon. Stop by anytime and go on and on and on an on about music. We love it.

Unknown said...

Hey, The Harvey Girls are pretty cool. With all the ambient discussion I was expecting them to be that. Anyhoo, I found this other band that kind of sounds like them...

Goldie Davich said...

J - well you threw it out there about the ambient stuff so we talked about it!

IN regards to ambient: Have you listened to Boards of Canada?

Unknown said...

You know, I have. Pretty good. Have you checked out Groper? Liz Harris is local. Still not sure whether I really really like it... may take some more listening.

Unknown said...
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