Monday, February 16, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for February 16th and 17th

Hello Dear Readers,

Did you have a good weekend? Did you see any shows? I played a Valentine's show at The Waypost (as Meyercord) where Woodwinds (featuring Megan of Jared Mees and the Grown Children) played their first show ever. It was pretty fun. For their last number they all put on dark sun glasses and covered Roy Orbisons "Anything you want". Sam Cooper (also of Jared Mees and the Grown Children) palyed a set too. I was just blown away. He is so good. He plays in like a million bands because he can play like any instrument. Which means his solo shows are rare-ish and should be charished. Then Sunday there were some freat shows like Horse Featers (featuring Sam Cooper) and The Old Beleivers at Doug Fir and Alela Diane at Holocene, but I chose to see my friend's band Make Nice (FREE shows with your friends is where its at). It was pretty cool because at that show I ran into a lot of other people from bands. Represented was David Kyle (Secret Codes), Tom from Dear Ether, Johnny from New Century Schoolbook, and Matt Sheey. I had to leave before Patterns played because my ride wanted to leave. Oh wells, next time. In the mean time, you should maybe check these shows out.

Monday, February 16th

Valentine's is having a show with Greenladies, Solyoni, and Secret Codes (used to be called David Kyle and the Invisibles). FREE at 9 PM.

Satyricon is having Appleseed Cast (Lawrence, KS), Leaving the Scene and Letdown. ALL AGES $11-13 7:30 PM.

East End is having Mattress Monday with the following line up: Sad Horse, Hungry Ghost, Golden Bears and Evolutionary Jass Band $6 9 PM.

Biddy McGraw's (what an awful name for a venue) is having a show with the sometimes rapper sometimes other artist Gavin Casteton. I have told you to check out his song "Coffeelocks" before. I will imply here that you should do it again. This show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 17th

Valentine's is hosting a healthful night of curveball comedy music by MSG (the alter ego of Tim Wenzel of Shicky Gnarowitz), and Hutch of The Thermals will be along to guest on a few songs. Graves is playing too! free 9 PM

Berbati's is having a show with a bunch of folks. Lance Andrew Leonnig, Hoyt Emerson, Ezza Rose, Shoeshine Blue and Leonard Mynx are all set to perform. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Pizza is having a show with Brian Bixler, Kelli Schaefer and Luke Simpson. The show is probably FREE and starts at 9 PM.

So there are some shows for the first two days of the week. If you see me say "Hi". If I see you I will say "Hi".


Secret Codes! Tonight! Valentine's!


Mike Burnett said...

Tbanks for the mention! Say hi if you're at Valentine's tonight. I sing in Greenladies.

Ste. Goldie said...

I love Valentines. When I start going to shows again I wanna go there all of the time.

I had a good weekend. Carla and Poncho have been playing with mice inside of the house. It's the battle of the cuteness. It ends in death though. The squeaking pulls at my heart strings. Something about the kitties and mice being so cute... They are both so cute. How do I chose what is the right thing to do? End Poncho and Carla's totally awesome good time? Or catch the mouse, probably give it a heart attack and then throw it out in the cold? Adam grabbed me by the shoulders and said "Do I need to make you watch The Lion King again?".

Ben Meyercord said...

Mike -- I was at Valentine's but I was hanging out with David Kyle. If I would have read this comment before, I would have said "Hi".

Goldie -- Ha ha.