Monday, February 9, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks For Feb. 9th and 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

Wait...did I miss the Grammy's? Did I win? Actually I know this because an older woman (late 50's) in the building where I work asked if I had caught the Grammys. I told her that I didn't know it was on and asked her what I missed. she replied, "I like Coldplay , but I don't like that Li'l Wayne fellow." Anyways, I did see a cool show on Saturday night. That was a night when there were several good shows. I chose the folk show at Backspace, because I was not prepared mentally to be rocked, so I figured a folky show would ease my mind (plus Backspace is right next to my bus stop). I am very glad that I did. I hadn't seen either of Spokane's Karli Fairbanks or Kaylee Cole and they both pretty great (especially when Karli joined Kaylee for a few numbers their voices are beautiful together). I always get these two mixed up because they have fairly similar names and both come from Spokane and (up until recently both had blond hair). Then I saw Adam Shearer of Weinland do a set with a very pleasant surprise Doug Jenkins (sometimes Weinland member and full time member of the Portland Cello Project) adding some sweet cello parts in the mix. Also there was a cameo of Laura Gibson with vocals on "sick as a gun". Sweet. White Hinterland also played and I wanted to like here but here sound was really muddy. I suspect that she was doing it on purpose because the other acts sounded fine. I am not sure. A friend of mine says that she sounds different every time he sees her play, so it might be worth checking her out again. Anyways, here are some good shows happening this week.

Monday, February 9th

I could only one show I am interested in. Check it!

  • Valentine's is having a show with Late Night Curly and Fuck Mountain, and Dramedy. I know that I have listed Late Night Curly before, though I have not seen them. I am not familiar with Fuck Mountain (though I know you must have some balls to name your band Fuck Mountain), the band or the place (is there a place called Fuck Mountain? Man, you'd have to have some balls to name your mountain that). And I have not seen Dramedy, but I know that it is a duo with members of Rollerball and Narwhal Vs. Narwhal et all. Besides, this is a FREE show. Things start at 9 PM.

Tuesday, February 10th

There are a lot of great shows happening. Due to my schedule, I will be able to see zero of them. But you should try to see all of them (I realize that due to the shows schedule this will not work either. Blast!).

  • Music Millennium is having a sweet in store on Tuesday. Point Juncture, WA will doing a set. They are awesome. In stores are awesome. I mean they always ALL AGES and FREE. This one starts at 7 PM which give you plenty of time to check out any other show.

  • Holy crap! Rotture is having a sweet show with 31 Knots, Hot Victory and Guidance Counselor. All of these bands are super good. Ever since I saw 31 knots for the first time at PDX Pop 2005, I have had a policy of buying anything they have released. I have yet to be disappointed (if anything they tend to get better). Plus they totally rip when they play live. Check out the youtube videos on the Hot Victory myspace page for a good time. And get geared to dance during Guidance Counselor's set. This is apparently the European tour kick off. So see them now, because who knows what will happen on their tour. The show is $6 and starts at 9 PM.

  • The Hush is having a show with No Go Know, Gratitillium, and Genldick. Gratitillium is the kinda experimental kinda folk project of the otherwise straight up folk artist Nick Caceres. I can relate to a musician doing different projects in order to get out all the music they want to make. Gratitillium's album will be out later this year on Tender Loving Empire. It should be pretty cool. ALL AGES 7 PM $5

  • The Wail (formerly known as rererato)is having a show with Tatsuya Nakatani (Easton, PENN), Mouthpieces and Dash!. The show sounds interesting. I have heard good things about Dash! It is an ALL AGES affair that will cost you $6 and starts at 7 PM.
So there are the first couple of days of the week for you. I will have some more for you tomorrow so keep an eye out. And if you see me at any of these shows, Say "Hi" (like Chris from A Cautionary Tale did last week).


Point Juncture to play for FREE on Tuesday (leaves time and money to see other shows too)

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