Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Feb. 25th and 26th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night the show at Valentine's was so good. Heatherwoods aka Heather Broderick played a set joined by her brother Peter Broderick in a very good set of very well arranged hushed songs. Then came Sarah Winchester (y'know the gal from A Weather) then played her songs which are so pretty and delicately played. She announced at the show that Team Love, the label that is home to A Weather will be having her EP that she just finished recording available through their store. Cool. These are the shows for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, February 25th

  • Holocene is having day two of the Fourth Annual Minigolf Art Invitational. Again I will post what the Holocene said about the event because it makes it seem way more fun than I could make it sound. "Garden golf. Gofstacle. Putt-putt. That fine pastime of synthetically crafted miniature wonderlands has had a lot of names over the past century, but for those mini-putters in the know, Holocene is the only one worth remembering. We're proud to announce the much-anticipated arrival of The Fourth Annual Holocene Minigolf Art Invitational on Tuesday February 24th and Wednesday February 25th, 2009. Maybe you've heard tales of past courses: the Labyrinth hole, the whale with a live blowhole, or the Lightbox Theatre's reality hole, where the putter was faced with an array of improvised distractions. Naturally, this is considered by many to be Holocene's raddest recurring event. This year, we're continuing to bring a plethora of Portland's finest artistic talents together, to design a course so bold that'll you'll putt, hope, and sink your way into aesthetic euphoria. Our town is chock full of overwhelming artistic camaraderie, and we're taking that local sensibility to crazy new realms as a slew of artists, waffle makers, architects, gallery collectives and minigolf lovers galore create a night that will impress even the World Minigolf Sport Federation. And you get to decide which of the fabulous designers goes home with $1000. What exactly can you expect at this year's tourney, you ask? You'll be navigating your way through giant mushroom forests, maneuvering into a wooden tiger, and puzzling quantum physics with Schrodingers Cat. And just in case a night with Heaven, Hell, and the Willamette River doesn't impress you: there's gonna be pancakes." Tonight they have Guidance Counselor, Ronin Roc, DJ Hostile Tapeover, DJ Not Too Soon, J. Domont. Sweet. The dudes in Guidance Counselor know how to make a place get up and move. This event is $8 and starts at 6 PM.

  • Dante's is having a show with Richmond Fontaine, Two Cow Garage (Columbus, OH) and Thee Loyal Bastards. This is a fine example of Portland's country rock scene. Though it should be noted I am not sure if there is actual scene. I do know that Richmond Fontaine is pretty good as are Thee Loyal Bastards. Richard Fontaine is one of the Portland bands I heard of before I moved to Portland. I also know that the show is $8-10 and starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, February 26th

  • Laurel Thirst Public House is having a show with Tchotchkes, Audie Darling and Sam Cooper . I think Audie Darling has a wonderful voice. Next month she is going on tour with her frequent collaborator Leonard Mynx . So see her now before the rest of America does. And Sam Cooper, what a guy. He plays in like a million bands and is very good at playing multiple instruments. I saw him play a show they other day and was very impressed. His songs are as good as his playing. The show is $4 and starts at 9:30 PM.

  • East End is having a show with The Passengers and Hello Loneliness . I really don't know what The Passengers sound like but they are claim that "Tequila and spliff riffs not optional" and suggest to "Turn the bass up as loud as it can go and dance dance dance". Hello Lonliness is Justin Fowler's of Wooden Burial Ground new project. I have yet to see them but want to pretty badly. East End never lists any information about time or cover. It's kinda annoying, but whatev's. Show up at show O' clock.

  • Fez Ballroom is having Very International Love, Oh and Gejius. Very International Love makes dance music that are also pop songs. It's a neat trick. Oh is a woman of many projects. She also performs under the name Don't Forget I Love you, Ahnli (the project that I wrote about last week), and Lactacious. They are really cool sounding. I really like Gejius and his laptop creations. It is so good. Anyway, the show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

So those are the shows that I have a desire to see for the next few days. I hope to make them. I hope you make them. If you we both make them , then you should say "Hi".


Sophe Lux plays Thursday at Rotture. It will be kinda like this.


The Pretty Plus a Fiore said...

Ze Devil!
So I see.

t wiggins said...

ben, that show at east end has a potential to be cancelled. the passengers backed out cause the night got double booked with a bunch of punk bands or something. justin is trying to get in touch with the venue today to find out if there really are 6 bands playing.

i think it starts earlier in the evening. its my last show with HL! before i leave for texas for a month...


t wiggins said...


we'll see everyone at good neighbor pizza tomorrow...

Ben Meyercord said...

Travis -- Damn, that sucks. I hope to make it out tomorrow. I have the show listed and everything in my post tomorrow.