Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live music picks for February 11th

Hello Dear Readers.

Yesterday Y La Bamba started recording our new album (which I am totally stoked about, I mean Chris Funk of the Decemberists is producing. Crazy). That means I missed all the sweet shows yesterday. It also means I am going to miss the shows today and tomorrow. It also means my bloggin' time is scarce. That being said:

Wednesday, February 11th

Please check out one of these shows. I want our readership representing.

  • Lola's Room is having an Aladdin Theater presented show with Juana Molina and Laura Gibson. I have heard good things about this Juana Molina (who I have often wondered as to wether or not she is related to Jason Molina). Her fist song on myspace is nothing like what I heard from her before. It's crazy. I think you guys know how I feel about Laura Gibson. So I will spare you. Anyway this show is $20 and starts at 8 PM.

  • Berbati's is having a show with Reclinerland, Spinning Wheels and Anne Vergnetti. It seems to me that Reclinerland has been having a lot of shoes lately, which is great because he is good, but where has he been for the last several years? Anyway this show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

  • Goodfoot is having a show with Marmits, Rollerball, Party Killer and Inside Voices. As you may know from Goldie, Rollerball is kinda awesome. I have been meaning to see Inside Voices for a while because their myspace songs are really good. An I have seen the David Hasselhoff-centric sticker of Party Killer and been pretty curious. I did not see a cover listed for this show, but I know it starts at 9 PM.

So those are the shows for today. Check back with me tomorrow when I will have the rest of the weekend planned out for you. You won't see me at any of these show, but if you did I would have wanted you to say "Hi".


For whatever reason Inside Voices linked as their website. It's pretty cute. You can see them play tonight at the Goodfoot.

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