Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photo's from AristeiA/The Sea and Cake 11/29/08 @ Doug Fir

11/29/08 The White Stage sign was in fit form boasting "MAD IN OREGON"

AristeiA rocked and blew the ear drums of a sold out crowd

Did you know drummer John McEntire was born in PDX?

Archer Prewitt takes an encore recommend from Ben Meyercord

Ben Meyercord giving an excellent recommend (what was it again?)

Eric Claridge and I talked turkey and shit about The Aladdin Theater

Much to the excitement of Adam, Ben and I -- Andy, "The Boy", from Lift to Experience is working at Doug Fir! Rumor has it he is working on a project with Josh T. Pearson called "Rocker Texas Ranger":

All Photo's by Ste. Goldie taken with her phone


Ben Meyercord said...

I made them play "Jacking the Ball" from their self titled debut album. Mostly I made the suggestion for good friend and Y La Bamba bandmate Mike Kitson (he also plays in Make Nice and solo as Michael Kitson).

Ste. Goldie said...

Man, you guys are the best. That was a fun show to hang out at. So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post and great pictures. Mad In Oregon is now my desktop picture on my laptop.