Sunday, November 23, 2008

Photo's: The Taxpayers and Spinning Wheels @ Moxies 11/14/08

There were about 30 kids inside and another 10 outside for a show at Moxie's on Main Street in downtown Vancouver.

Noah from The Taxpayers watching Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels piano driven indie rock band from Portland, OR plays Moxie's in Vancouver

When The Taxpayers went on the spaz with glasses took all the chairs away from the crowd. With a gentle hug he pulled people who were sitting down and lifted them on to their feet. Everyone was up and bobbing along...

"Get up! Get up!"

The sound inside is a little harsh. The floor and walls are cement. The bands play against a glass window. If you go to a show at Moxie's BRING EAR PLUGS! If you play a show at Moxie's bring some moxie and you will connect with Vancouver's all ages crowd!

all photo's by Adam Steinfink

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Amber Dawn said...

Moxies rules so hard. That's like, one of the few things I miss about vancouver. I mean, I guess I could go there anyway, but it's kind of a bitch to go to the couve with no car.