Monday, November 24, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for November 24th to 27th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I actually made it to a show. And guess what. It was awesome. I went to the Music and Art Vs. Cancer show at Doug Fir. As it rurns out, people hate cancer but love art and music. That is to say that the place was packed. Every single band was good. Though truthfully my favorites were Eluvium and Menomena. However, there were some pleasant surprises in there as well. For instance, I had forgotten that Tractor Operator is really good. Also Laura Gibson, who was not billed, played a set which included a couple of songs I hadn't heard which I thought were very good (she also maade a cameo during Dolorean's set). So I am very glad I went out. I might try to do it more often. Speaking of shows. Here is what is going on this week.

Monday, November 24th

Here's the hap's for tonight.

If you want to stay in you can tune into KBOO at 11 PM and hear Why I Must Be Careful do their crazy thing that they do live on the radio. It doesn't cost you anything (save the energy used by your radio. or computer). If you want to listen online you can click here. If you want to use your actual radio, KBOO is 90.7 FM.

If you like your live music in person, I suggest you head out to Rotture tonight. They have Lake (Olympia), Desolate Wilderness (Olympia), and Ah Holly Fam'ly playing sets. Lake is coming back to the NW after being on tour. Ah Holly Fam'ly is just really good from what I understand (I still haven't seen their live show and I feel stupid because I haven't). The show is a mere $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Tuesday, November 25th

Here are a few suggestions of how you could spend your Tuesday night.

Valentine's is having a Closing Party for the photography show they currently have up "Steeped In Dream". Adrian Orange will play a set as will DJ Jello Prism. The artists are: May Juliette Barruel, Lacy Davis, Jake Arcularius, and Alicia Lynn Carrier. Rumour is that they will "be on hand to talk about their work (if pressed), and vibe out". Also, you should check out Valentine's new blog. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Dunes is hosting an event presented by Circuit Breaking Silence featuring J. Hanson, Crab Cannon, and Perspectives on Science. It is electronic based music that ranges from dancey to experimental. For only $2, it is probably worth checking out even if you are only mildly interested. The show starts at 9 PM.

Wednesday, November 26th

Things pickup the day berfore you stuff you pie hole.

Jade Lounge is having its third installment of the Y La Bamaba curraated Wednesday nights. This one will feature Grey Anne, who just released her excellent new album Facts N Figurines, and Andy Combs and the Moth. I think that Anne Adams is one of the best Portland has to offer both in song writing and performance. Each performace is actually a performance (you know
something that will captivate your attention and entertain you) instead of a person just singing some songs at you (which can be enjoyable, but is makes no gaurantees). Andy Combs is a fun show too. This is a FREE event that starts at 8 PM.

Camp Rainbow ( 604 N Beech Street) looks to have a big-ass show on Wednesday with a butt-load of bands. They include: Pegasus,
Alaskas (Seattle), Casey and Brian (San Fran), Religious Girls (East Bay), and Mike Bell and The Archbishops of Canterburry. Not only is this a house show (that means ALL AGES), but this is a Vegan Potluck bring what you got and then some. The show is on a donation basis cover. The Potluck begins at 6 PM.

Dante's is having Michael Dean Damron play a set. It lists the show as part of a songwriters in the round type thing with some TBA people. Honestly,I don't think they need anyone else. I couldn't find any mention of a cover, so this could be a freebie, but I am not sure. It starts at 9 PM.

Thurday, November 27th

Happy Thanksgiving. Portland music is thankfully giving you a break. You won't be missing any awesome shows if you want to spend thanksgiving with you loved ones (or whoever). But if you truely want to go to a show. Doug Fir is having M83 (France!) play a show that night.

So have a Good Thanksgiving and all that. If you see me at any of these shows, come up and say "Hi" and I will be back with the weekend show listings in a few days.
There are a lot of good shows this weekend.


Ah Holly Fam'ly gets down at Rotture. Tonight.

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