Friday, November 14, 2008

Ben Meyrecord's Live Music Picks for November 14th

Hello Dear Readers,

I just wanted to say that the other night I saw Kelli Schaefer live for the first time. Whew! She is good. Any way I am not here to talk about what has happened, but rather what is about to happen. For example there are some good Friday shows. Look at what is happening in your town.

Friday, November 13th

These shows look to be good.

  • Grey Anne is having her CD release show. This is actually kinda a big deal. The record is at least four years in the making. I have heard it. It will make an excellent addition to anyone's collection of Portland music (or any kind of music for that matter). Plus The Online Romance will be playing. They have been recording there album for a long time (not quite finished yet) and haven't been playing shows, but they are making an exception to play this show. Don't miss your chance to see this band. Plus Guidance Counselor will be playing too. Seriously, this show is sooooo good. The ALL AGES event starts at 8 PM and will cost you $6 (but do yourself a favor and bring enough money to pick up Grey Anne's debut "Facts N Figures").
  • The Funky Church is having a show with Love Menu, Marching Band (Sweden), and The Subcons. though I am not familiar with Marching Band, I know for a fact that the other two are really good. Check it out if you want. The show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

  • The not so secret (I mean I've heard of it) The Secret Society Ballroom is having a local show with some talent as well. They are hosting Ley Lines, Carcrashlander, and Narwhal vs. Narwhal. These are all pretty good bands, but I have to say that Carcrashlander sticks out as perhaps a head above the rest. Or at least, I like them the best. If you have not seen this band live you are missing out. Over thepast year they have put in the tour and recording time it takes to become a kickass live band. This ALL AGES show starts at 8:30 and costs you $5.

If you see me at these. Please don't hesitate to say "hi".


Grey Anne to play The Artistery. Tonight!

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