Friday, May 30, 2008

Fall of Snow books some Show?

So some of you may know of my friend Stephanie aka Fall of Snow. You know that she uses lots of pedals and looping and such to create music. What you may not know is that she knows how to set stuff up. I ain't talking about cables and shit either. I mean she can set up a show in no time. She just emailed me some shows that are going down next week that she booked for her touring friend Otem Rellik (Fort Collins, CO) in almost zero time.

  • The first is on Monday, June 2nd, and is an almost all local all awesome line up of Cars and Trains, Otem Rellik (Fort Collins, CO) Alexis Gideon and Colin Jones. If you know any of these names then you are probably freaking out. Cars and Trains makes some awesome electronic and acoustic based music. Sounding equally influenced by glitchy electronic stuff and lo-fi indie-folk, Tom Filepp creates some very very fresh tunes. Alexis Gideon has a very unique and entertaining take on hip hop which now includes a full blown video show that he made himself (claymation for life!). Colin Jones has a very progressive lyrical take on electro-hip-hop. In a very anticon vien of hip-hop is the very impressive Otem Rellik. Seriously check his myspace. You will not regret it. It all goes down at the East End for FREE. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • The other show is at The Red and Black Cafe on Thursday June 5th. This one features Two Ton Sloth, Letdown, and of course Otem Rellik. Two Ton Sloth make really awesome weird hip-hop kinda like Clouddead. Let down makes really awesome music that is mostly instrumental and builds layer upon layer until it is almost too gorgeous. And I have already talked about Otem Rellik in the previous paragraph (as but as a brief summary he is awesome). The doors here are at 7PM.
Seriously, these are kick ass shows. So much so that I made a special post aside from my usual posts so that you can keep them in mind.



Amber Dawn said...

I've never heard\heard of Fall of Snow but I'm planning to check her out because I think it's pretty bad ass for ladies to make gadget music.

Ben Meyercord said...

I like all kinds of gadget music.