Thursday, May 8, 2008

[Group Hug] Portland Music Peeps Unite -- Infighting to contiue on Monday?

My name is Goldie and I am a blogaholic and a hater.

You guys I started a conversation that I will not be able to finish right now... I am friggin' TIRED. I haven't slept in 3 days and am having waves of nausea and heart palpations.

I am 100% grateful for the huge and timely response from the HUMANS at Willamette Week, the elite people and the readers of this blog. What a POWERFUL and stimulating conversation about media, music and madness!

See, blogs are conversations. Blogs are open, honest collaborations.

Blogs are beautiful.

Casey Jarman I am grateful for your contribution because I wanted to get your attention DESPERATLY. I am sorry for my attacking tone. Amy M from WW and Amy M from Colorado you get my best 'my bad'.

I wish I could respond to each thoughtful and inspired blog comment in kind. I wish Ben was here but he is (now I really think I am gonna be sick) is in St. Johns with his awesome family.

I know I am a fucking bitch, for ending it this way BUT IT’S NOT THE END!!! Can we all show up for a further discussion later on? I am sincerely disappointed in my physical and mental inability to continue blogging on this matter at this time. Just thinking about all of the awesome topics we’ve touched on is dizzying.

I could use a refresher course in online etiquette. Maybe we could all agree on some new rules like everyone has to link to CIMTB or something, not for me but for Ben’s sake...(Yeah I get it you love Ben Meyercord)

I just didn't want you all to think I surrendered.

I need a rest. I will be in Eugene at the farmers market for two days. If they don't have wi-fi I might go into withdrawals...

Sincerely with open arms and head raised with dignity and delight in the wisdom and grace of Portland, Oregon’s music junkies,

Ste. Goldie aka Goldie Davich
PS -- please feel encourage to leave comments, I personally hate to feel ignored. I don't want you to feel ignored. Mommy needs to lay down...

PPS -- here's what this post is in reference to:


casey said...

Thanks, Goldie. I didn't mean to make you feel bad so I hope you don't. We can continue the conversation any time (except for now. I feel ya, I'm soooooo tired too.) And I just lost at Cool Nutz's Connect Four tournament. The big news is that Brent from Menomena won. How weird is that? He wins an Addidas tracksuit or something. Rad.

Jeremy said...

Hey ste. goldie, as it appears you may have discovered, when you register as a user at opbmusic, your comment automatically appears-- otherwise, you have to wait for the comment to be approved. Unfortunately, finances and such don't allow for 24-hour monitoring of the events unfolding in our webspace. The point being, certainly no ill intent meant on our part, not sure why you were so quick to jump to all kinds of silly conclusions. Thanks for thinking of us.

Ste. Goldie said...

Hi Jeremy --
I am quick to jump all over you because I am silly. I also just want all of the music bloggers in town to start reading and peer reviewing all of each others stuff. I think it's important for all of us to get to know each others work online.