Monday, May 5, 2008

Show and Fashion Review : Chrome Wings, Hornet Leg, Cex, and Ecstatic Sunshine

Saturday night I headed downtown to check out this show at Backspace.
Chrome Wings, Hornet Leg, Cex, and Ecstatic Sunshine.
Chrome Wings played a really good show, and actually filled up a whole half hour or forty minutes of time with their music. I've been waiting for that!
Hornet Leg was pretty good - straight-ahead simple rock stuff, a duo, main high point I think is the singer's voice, although I couldn't really tell what he was singing, as is common with shows in smallish venues, it is a nice voice.
Cex bored the crap out of me. I guess dance music just isn't my thing. Every time there's something on with a simple, repeating four beat and little to no melodic variation, I feel like a spaceman, other people are dancing and getting into it and I think, "this sucks, I am so bored. I hope it's over soon." That said, he's good at what he does, and did a hilarious spoken word intro that made the rest of it kind of a letdown for me. I apologize that I couldn't find his website, if you know it tell me and I'll drop in a link.
Ecstatic Sunshine kicked total ass, they were really, really good. And nice kids too. Beautiful music made by a guitar, a synthesizer, and a wacky old-fashioned drum pad. Their set was over much too soon.
One thing I was seriously disturbed by - there was a fellow at the show last night wearing just a one piece long underwear outfit, a hoodie, and a pair of sneakers with no socks. and I kept thinking - what the hell is your deal, dude? You think you are cool? You just look like you forgot to put on your clothes today.
I think Portland's fashion choices have gotten a little too ironic. Ok, a tiny dinosaur shirt or some bling can be kind of entertaining, but you don't need to dress in all neon, grow your hair and beard out so you look like a mountain man in mid-nineties fashion, or otherwise put on the ugliest clothes and haircut just to look "cool". Maybe I'm a snob, but I'm just tired of the wacky.
Tonight, I'm heading down to the East End to check out Glass Candy. They've gotten totally awesome since I saw them last in 2002, and I'm excited.


Ste. Goldie said...

I wish i could get you a mini digital camera so you can take photo's of gross toilets and hobo inspired fashion!!!

Yesterday I downloaded a Space Music podcast... lol AND a TRANCE podcast... I wanted to know what I was missing... more about that later. I am trying to get ready to go see the AristeiA boyz and their stupid mustache bullshiz.

Amber Dawn said...

Haha yeah, I have a digital camera actually, but it's not exactly quick or surreptitious. I considered getting a smaller one just so I could be sneaky...