Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rosedrop Media Circus

Hello, Loyal fans and readers of CIM-TB.

I'm Jinxie and it's been pointed out to me - quite vehemently, bless her heart - that I need to get off my ever-widening ass and post a fucking blog.

So here I am. Actually, I am literally here - at Gabriel's birthday Incubator show, drinking my gin & tonic, listening to a very lovely girl onstage with a guitar and a voice (I missed her name because I was distracted by having my slackerness pointed out to me) and writing this blog.

Here's a show that I don't think has been mentioned yet on CIMTB.

It's called the Rosedrop Media Circus, and it's one of those newfangled "podcasts" that all the kids are on about lately. The RDMC has been going on for a few years now at various locations around town (and, for a dark sad time, in Beaverton **shudder**). Currently, they are recording every Sunday night at the 9 Muses Acoustic Tavern on SE Belmont.

The host is Dan Linn (Does the surname sound familiar? He's got a sister in local government and another in local music. Yeah. It's a Portland show.) Dan's played out for longer than I can remember (which isn't saying much) and with very little prompting has blurry bleary stories to tell about playing with the likes of Lew Jones.

While the RDMC does tend to end up slogging around in the folky-hippy genre a great deal of the time, they've also had hip-hop, noise, grunge, jazz, and just-plain-rock.

Another aspect - and at times, complication - of the podcast recording is that it's also broadcast live in SecondLife. Now, I don't pretend to understand (or care much) about the whole SL universe - frankly, the first time I wandered through it I asked "so how many lives do I have and when do I get a gun?" - but I understand that those who are into it are REALLY into it. And, bless his heart, Dan delivers.

Past shows are available on their website - eventually... The turnaround time has a bit of a lag, as this is a labor of love for Dan and what little free time he has after a day job and playing live most nights. There's no vetting or audition; if you want to play on the podcast just contact Dan through the site.

Here are some of my favorite past shows (most text copied from RDMC site):

  • Trick Sensei's trick is the ambient interplay of dreamy guitar effects and throbbing rhythm. A hot summer night in a Portland hipster bar with only somewhat subdued passion. This is 'lose yourself' music, it builds and washes over.
    RMC #146 and RMC #147
  • Lew Jones comes back for our last music show recorded at our beloved Rose & Raindrop Pub. Lew is simply a songwriting giant who has quietly amassed a huge catelogue of widely varied and gorgeously lyrical work.
    RMC #118 and RMC #119
  • Rexella is a noise music band brought to the Circus by one of it's members Evan Hart who shows us this wildly experimental and creative eddy in music. Skirting dance music rhythms and flying in the face of pop, just listen.
    RMC #110 and RMC #111

  • See Emily Pray (no longer together) brought their darkness to the Circus with live unplugged versions and recordings from their demo. Discordgrrl finally convinced the band to come and they took us to a scary place. Love this band or it will hurt you!
    RMC #104 and RMC #105

  • David Lamkins is a long time RMC audience member who brings a beautiful custom guitar and cool recordings featuring 'Rat Boy' a song written about a sociopathic co-worker. This was a fun evening.
    RMC #102 and RMC #103

  • Sneakathon is the voice of the future. This is post-modern craziness no-holds-barred. This trio rocks hard, is insensitive to inhibition and are psychedelic, grungy, lyrically intense, and silly. DJ Shirley, Jess and Eric, DAMN!
    RMC #094 and RMC #095

  • Sandpeople is a NW hiphop crew with 10 different rappers. Almost all are featured here as the MCs rap live to clean and inventive tracks. Out of all the Sandpeople projects, tonight features IME and Debaser along with tracks from the Sandpeople compilation album.
    Part 1 and Part 2

  • Wolfpakk featuring Cache and Illizm bring the Circus our first hiphop. Our guests perform live over tracks, and discuss hiphop culture and history, their roots, influences and North"WET" music industry realities. Part 1 and Part 2

  • Cicada Omega defies categorization. Trance blues, primitive drum circle, jazz abandon, and soul shout, all exist in this refreshingly original and joyful mix. Found objects, practical art, and brilliant improvisation are just starting points. Like nothing we have ever heard. Part 1 and Part 2

  • Steve Kerin had a masters degree in classical piano when he discovered a collection of transcriptions of Dr. John classic piano solos. He is a true student of the style, and the playing is complex and dense. His voice has the required gruff quality for his New Orleans style piano songs. There are other treasures in the show. We are honored to present this recent transplant from the Louisiana to Portland. You will want to see him live.

    Part 1 and Part 2

The show officially starts recording at 7pm, which means it actually starts around 8pm. 9 Muses can get a little smokey, but it has a full bar and you can order take-out from the restaurant across the street. If you're a SecondLifer, I believe the live streaming broadcast is at someplace called Pannie's - though it's totally up to you to figure out where the hell THAT is!

(there! i posted! now I don't owe you a drink! nyah!)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the sandpeople links!!!

i love hip-hop so much, so i'm glad you included them in your post.

Anonymous said...

mad props for the ups on sneakathon too!

never heard of them prior to tonight, but i am am now officially their biggest fan.

Jinxie said...

hey kid tyger

Glad you liked the links...

I was flipping through the WWeek this afternoon and saw that Sandpeople is playing out at the end of the month.

Of course, without the WW in front of me right now, I can't remember where or when... **doh**