Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for May 29th to June 1st

Hello Dear Readers,

So, here I have compiled a list of shows that I either really want to see or am curious about or look like it would be fun. This is the second half of the week and so there will be more shows. You may have some tough choices. Or maybe you don't want to go out at all. Perhaps you just want to go out and see the new Indiana Jones flick. Well I got news for you, they play movies during the daytime. There is no need to miss a show unless you are a complete wuss (it should be noted that I am often a complete wuss and that this statement is mostly directed at myself). So here are the shows I have picked for the end of the week.

Thursday, May 29th

Portland is a town of many music genres. One of its staples however is good ol' indie-pop. Tonight we find two shows that celebrate this very inclusive and vague genre.
  • Berbati's Pan will be host to Three "The" bands. I know I know I know, "The" bands were supposed to die out like eight years ago. Take for example: The Joggers are now just Joggers. These bands did not get the memo. And I love them for it. The Morals, The Rainy States and The Maybe Happening will all bring their distinct take on pop music (in an "indie" way of course). I personally am really fond of The Morals. The songs are well written and sung so passionately that it is hard to not enjoy yourself. The cover for this show is $6. The music is set to start at 9:30.
  • The other indie-pop show is going down at Dunes. Deer or the Doe, Vanishing Kids, and New Century School Book will all be playing sets. I have not seen any of these bands but on one occasion was very close to seeing New Century School Book when they played at Backspace with Strangers Die Everyday at Ground Kontrol a while back. I met the drummer Steve. He was a very nice guy. Nice enough that I later went to their myspace and was pleasantly surprised by the little pop tunes that I heard. The show is $5. The doors are at 8PM.

Friday, May 30th

This is where it gets fun. There is a lot going on Friday night. But this is what looks good to me.
  • There is a Music in the Schools benefit concert being held at The Crystal Ballroom. This one features Blue Scholars (Seattle), Yacht, The Shaky Hands, Onlyone and Illmaculate (both of Sandpeople), Gray Matters, Typhoon, states of Mind, and Cool Nutz. That is a lot of local talent. The tickets range in price from $12 to $20. This may seem like some serious cash until you remember that there is a lot of local talent playing the show and that it is for a good cause. Plus this ALL AGES show starts early , so there is a possibility of doing things afterwards or during if you don't want to see all of the groups. How early you ask, 7 PM.
  • The most fun show looks like it is happening at Rererato. The description of the show from their myspace page. "On Friday May 30th, the newly re-opened Rererato Art-space will play host to a multimedia performance featuring the off-kilter music, collaborative stage props, storytelling and thespianism of local Portland bands Les Flaneurs, Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines and Spirit Duplicator. Nathan Clark of Les Flaneurs, Jacob Anderson of Spirit Duplicator and Alison Dennis of Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines have collaborated on a performance that features on-stage sculptures and manipulatable sets made primarily from scrap materials and found objects and stage lighting provided via the creative manipulation of every-day house-hold lamps and LEDs. In addition to musical performances, the event will feature dramatic scenes that portray the tale of a mad scientist confronted by her minions about her antisocial behavior and her subsequent experiences seeking therapy from a perhaps equally twisted Skinnerian behaviorist and an eccentric candy vendor with dreams of rock super-stardom. The Show will also feature quiz show interludes inspired by "You Bet Your Life" and hosted by the charismatic Paul Silveria in between scenes and requiring audience participation." Sounds awesome right. This ALL AGES event is only $4. The doors are at 7 PM.
  • Also going on in the space that used to be loveland which used to be Meow Meow, which is currently Branx and Rotture (downstairs and upstairs respectabley), The Future Arts Festival is taking place. I am not sure what this is about, but it includes Atole, DJ Girlfriends, DJ Jack, Chromatics, Mute Era (Minneapolis), Fleshtone, DJ Copy, DJ Rad, and DJ Jay Jack. So be ready to dance your ass right off. Even if you have a really big ass, I am telling you that you will shake until it is non existent. There is a $8 cover. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Kelly' Olympian is having a Rock show on Friday. The Ax is one of Portland's most RAWK duos that I am aware of. I saw them play at Someday Lounge back in January and was really impressed with all the rock that they brought to the table. Wow and Flutter, who seem to have been around for ever, are also playing. The show is probably $5 and starts at 10 PM.

Saturday, May 31st

Theses are the shows I am interested in attending. Will I make it to any of them? Only time will tell.
  • Seems like there is always a benefit. Which of course is great but it also makes it seem easier to skip them. Because it seems that if you miss you opportunity to do good this week, you will have two or three opportunities the following week. Whatever, you should go to all of them. is having one with The Slants, Sandpeople, and Paul of School of Rock. This benefit is for Ethos which is a a cool place that involves kids in music at an early age as a positive influence on their upbringing (or something like that). I caught Sandpeople at PDX Pop Now! last year and it was just really really really good (if you like hip hop, which I do). This ALL AGES show costs $10. The doors are at 8 PM.
  • Someday Lounge is having an evening of crazy-ass music (I think). I will be honest, I am only familiar with band in the line up. Caroliner Rainbow Bluembiegh Treason Of The Abyss, Honed Bastion, Daniel Mencle, and Evolutionary Jass Band are playing. I don't know about you, but I think I could always go for a little Evolutionary Jass (I will give you one guess as to which band I am familiar with).
  • Okay, continuing with my honesty kick. I will say that sometimes I list shows just based on the names of the bands playing. So a heads up to all bands, get a good band name and you might get written up by yours truly. Such is the case with the two bands that are playing at Chaos Cafe this Saturday. Where The Sidewalk Ends and The Feather Walls are both set to play that night. The first band is named after one of my childhood favs. The other band just sounds like something that I would want to listen to. I really hope that they are good (don't let me down guys or girls). All I know is that this show is ALL AGES and FREE. The doors are at 8 PM.

Sunday, June 1st

Holy Moly is it the first of the month already. Time seems to be going by so fast. Your youth is so fleeting. It seems that the only thing you can do is go to a show, right? That will keep you young, yes? Either way I found one for you.
  • Actually the one show I am interested in is an in-store at Music Millennium. Day of Lions will play songs off their new album, Come Down From the Mountain. Gina Gestaldi, the main songwriter of Day of Lions, writes very pleasant female led indie-pop songs. You can pick up the album while you are there if you are so inclined.

So that is the rest of the week for you guys. I look forward to other shows too. If you see me at any of these feel free to approach me and say hi.

Have a great weekend,


The Morals play it cool here. They play it live on Thursday at Berbati's


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is Dr. Something (of Dr. Something and hte Poppin' Fresh Love Engines). Just a note that the household light show didn't quite work out. I hope no one ends up being disappointed by the lack of trippy lamp action. However, we still have a really fun story to perform for everyone, and a bunch of silly props and artwork. Also, there will be some fabulous prizes for game show contestants (one of which may be a vinyl copy of an album whose title rhymes with "Smackman Cleaver").

Thanks for mentioning our show, Ben.

Ben Meyercord said...

No Problem good Doctor.

Amber Dawn said...

I'm pretty excited about the evolutionary jass band tonight as well. You might have to reintroduce yourself to me if you go because i'm kind of challenged with putting names to faces.

Ben Meyercord said...

Amber-- I could not make it. Band Practice. Whaddaya gone do?