Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Wednesday, March 16th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night the and the night before that there were not any shows that I was really all that compelled to write about. I think that maybe everyone is at SXSW? Anyway there are some shoes tonight. But I will be gone to Seattle today. In fact I am leaving in about 30 minutes. So I won't have time to write a lot. Anyways, here are the shows that look good tonight:

Laurelthirst is having a show with Mike Midlo and Garth Steel Klippert. Mike Midlo is the leader of Pancake Breakfast. Garth Steel Klippert is the leader of Old Light. Plus if you stick around there is a second show that will feature a Casey Jarman-less version of The Morals. The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Branx is having a show with Marine Stern, Tera Melos. and Duck Little Brother Duck. All of these bands can be celebrated for pushing what can be done with guitars in the context of pop music. Also I love Duck Little Brother Duck. The show is $10-13 and starts at 9 PM.

Rotture is having a show called Nightshift. It features DoublePlusGood, Pocket Knife, Magic Fades and DJ Gwizski. I really like the really pop leaning electro pop of DoublePlusGood. They are on the same label as Pocket Knife. They are also supposed to be really good. I have not seen them. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows you are mistaken. It is probably that other Portlander with dark hair and a beard.


DoublePlusGood play Rotture tonight.

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