Monday, March 16, 2009

Unfiltered: Wednesday @ The White Eagle

A Cautionary Tale, Photo by Arian Stevens

Hey Gang! I totally forgot about The White Eagle! It wasn't until I caught up with Nick O'donnell of A Cautionary Tale that I remembered about this venue. I haven't been there in yeeeears. I liked the place but apparently no one I've wanted to see has played there until now. Well, actually this band from Seattle called The Maldives played their last month but I couldn't go. See, I forgot about it until just now! He's the one that informed me about The White Eagle's indie rock showcase. It's held every third Wednesday of the month. It's called Unfiltered.

This months show is this Wednesday March 18th and features a band I considered heavily influenced by almost every band know to man, A Cautionary Tale, The Future Historians and the band whom the Oregonian says they are "Kurt Cobain meets Leonard Bernstein" Echo Helstrom. SWEET! I love grunge and I LOVE musicals. I am defiantly going to this show.

Here's what the Willamette Week says about The Future Historians:

The five-piece band leans toward the rootsier side of the spectrum, offering a hybridization of folk-country and Shur’s unique wordplay, highlighting his strong knack for catchy vocal melodies interspersed with strong indie hooks. The end product is at once jarring and soothing, drifting between the upbeat and the lucid with a fluidity that sucks you right in and keeps you listening. -- AP KRYZA

WOW! I have no idea what that means but it sounds impressive!

The show's FREE, and starts at 8:30 sharp!

The White Eagle
836 N. Russell St.
Portland, OR 97227

-- Ste. Goldie

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