Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hello Dear Readers,

I am in Austin. I wanted to share with you my vision of the SXSW festival. Sadly my bandmate left the digital camera at my sister's place, so these words will have to do.

Yesterday was my first day of SXSW. It was super fun. I started the day by playing a set at the Ioda stage with Y La Bamba. Directly after our performance we were interviewed by Dave Allen of Pamplemoose. I did not realize what it was until afterwards when I talked to his assistant Scott of The Penny Jam. I then showed Dave Allen my I Anatomical Heart Crappy Indie Music. He didn't really say much to me after that. I think he had to interview some more bands After us was some more pretty cool bands whose names escape me. My Dad and stepmom and sister and her friend David were there too.

Then I went over to see my friend's friend's band at Love Joys. Then I walked around where there was a lot of good people watching and eventually found my way to The Belmont where AristeiA was set to play. There I met with the rest of AristeiA and more family. There were a couple good bands and a lot of bad bands. but whatevs.

I took a break and ate at Countyline an eatery that reminded me of how hard it was to be a vegetarian growing up in Texas.

Then I got dropped off back in the heart of SXSW. I went and got on the guest list for the Decemberists show one of the many perks of having your band produced by Chris Funk. We hung out a bit backstage which was cool because I was no longer surrounded by very drunk people shouting "wooooo!". Then I went back out to see them play their entire new album Hazard's of Love. It was cool because it was a rock opera. Also I bumped into a bunch of Portland band folk including people from Loch Lomond and Laura Gibson's band. Later after wards I saw Cary Clarke from The Mercury. Afterwards, I caught bus home to find sweet sweet sleep.



Eriq Nelson said...

So the real question is, are you having fun? Seems like every other account of SXSW has been all about the business, not actually enjoying yourself. It's nice to hear some first hand awesome, thanks man.

Goldie Davich said...

oh boo hoo... you didn't realize who someone was until afterwards HOW WEIRD! That never happens to me.

Ben Meyercord said...

Goldie - I just thought you would appreciate that Dave Allen saw the Crappy Indie Music shirt.

Eriq - It would be way more fun if I was by myself and not playing music or playing lots of music with my bands instead of playing very little music and seeing very little shows.

Scott said...

There were some really cool bands that day, I think the Phenomenal Handclap Band, Maus Haus and Blind Pilot were the others that shared the stage at Emo's Annex that day

saintgoldie said...