Thursday, March 5, 2009

is there a cellist in the house?

Hey everyone, recently I have started playing music on occasion with kick ass singer songwriter Mike Griffith aka the Height of 63. Right now he is playing out as a soloist (show coming up the 14th at Misissippi Pizza with Hearts and Minutes and Pony Village - one of whom I'm playing a show with on the day before, and the other of whom shares a bass player with New Century Schoolbook. Isn't portland's music scene delightfully incestuous?) but looking to put together a trio with flute, guitar, and cello. I provide the flute-ing, fortunately, but we have been hard pressed to find a cellist. So if you're in portland, and play the cello, or know someone cool in portland who plays the cello, and wants to work on a musical project inspired by 60's folk (think Comus, not Peter Paul and Mary) .. let me know! or get ahold of Mikey through his myspace. <3

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