Friday, March 20, 2009

Live Music Review: A Cautionary Tale 3/18/09 @ The White Eagle

Nick O'Donnell of A Cautionary Tale (it was really that orange!) Photo by Goldie Davich

I walked into the saloon with the a mission. I wanted to encapsulate the band I was about to see into a custom fit genre. We've talked a lot about genre these days. How describing bands sound is an annoying task. I wanted to do it for this band because from what I could tell from listening to their Mysapce there were no clear veins to start with. A Cautionary Tale's Myspace page headline reads "gleefully unmarketable". They know they don't quite fit in. I haven't heard any band in town make music that sounds anything like it.

Summing up A Cautionary Tale's sound:

Stephen Malkmus makes comfortable and unexpected love to Friends of Dean Martinez on a deserted beach in the Mediterranean.

Live Music Review:

The performance was a joyful display of talent producing an edgy sophisticated sound.

Watching honest to goodness musicians practice their craft in such an intimate venue was luxurious. I wanted to have them in my back seat playing for me on the way home. The room was filled with sound, people and a soft orange glow. I enjoyed the blend of saxaphone (Chris Glabb), classical guitar (Rich Boles), slide guitar (Nick O'Donnell), steady flexible rock and jazz drum beats (Kevin Van Geem).

My favorite part was when they played this song and I really liked it and then I found out the name of the song was "Your friends are bitches". Then it was my favorite song!

A Cautionary Tale has a CD release party at Holocene Wednesday April 22nd with Grey Anne and Sleepy Eyes of Death. It will be $6 at the door.

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