Saturday, March 14, 2009

MTV Flashback 1983 / Personal Flashback 1995

In between talking to the Vanity Fair Twitter gal and watching this video I almost didn't feel sick today. My eyes burn as I type this but I love you guys to much not to share something that brought a smile to my snotty swollen face. It's one of my favorite songs. I can say I've seen the Ramones* which made me an instant fan but I have close friends** who are hardcore fans so I can't even front. I hope it makes you happy and not sick for a little bit too.

The director of this video is unknown. If you find out who it is and can prove it I will send you a present.

Ste. Goldie

*I saw them at The Roseland sometime around 1995
**I was with Stephen Charbonneau and Jason Dodson. We were standing on Burnside and someone threw a half gallon of Newman s Own Lemonade at us.

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