Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want To Be In A Music Video?

PDX Peeps....

ground kontrol

I'm filming part of a new music video for my boy T* Wiggz tonight @ Ground Kontrol downtown. Although I think it starts earlier than the posted time of 10pm this month. WWeek says 7pm?

If you want to be in it, all you need to do is show up & let me film you listening to track 22 on headphones on my ipod off this joint

I already filmed part 1 in Vegas last weekend and I'm finalizing filming pt. 3 in
MN over Xmas.

PS it's free to get in, so I'll get you on the guest list fo sheezy.

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Anonymous said...

Update: It's not early after all. Got the word from Travis it's 10pm-1am as the poster states.