Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for December 3rd and 4th

Hello Dear Readers,

Is it Wednesday already? Have you guys made it to shows? If not, here are some more for you.

Wednesday, December 3rd

Its the beginning of the month, so you might be short a little cash. So I decided to list the FREE shows first.

  • The Old Church is having "An annual celebration of the creative spirit featuring visual art, music, and spoken word. This year’s theme is “change.” ". It will feature Chris Robley (of Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights), Boy Eats Drum Machine, and Rachel Talyor Brown Band. you may recognize Chris Robley from PDX Pop or you might recognize his from Rachel Talyor Brown Band. Or you may recognize Rachel Taylor Brown from Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights. What I am getting at is its one of those incestuous groups of band members here. Plus it is really fun to get down with BEDM. This show is ALL AGES and FREE! It starts at 7 PM.
  • There is also a freebie at Dunes as part of their Tight Hug series. This one is a little more "experimental" but should be really cool. It will feature Bird Costumes, Tunnels, and Captain's Daughter. The Bird Costumes guy, Daniel Osborne, also plays guitar in Arachnoid Space and despite his moniker has been known to perform with a bear head mask. So if that sounds appealing, you should head down to Dunes. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.
  • If you do have some cash you might want to check out Doug Fir tonight where Al James The Unfazed (of Dolorean), Willy Vlautin (of (Richmond Fontaine), and Tracker. I like Dolorean and Richmond Fonatine fine enough, but I most interested in Tracker. I mean John Askew seems to never plays out as Tracker. Tonight he has gathered a great group of musicians (including members of Point Juncture, and Carcrashlander) to be Tracker. Tracker is the band who made the musical soundtrack companion for Blankets (remember that really good graphic novel that everyone, myself included, loves). This show also is the official release for Willy Vlauntin's "A Jockey Christmas" a spoken word story backed by music made by Willy and some of the members of Richmond Fontaine. You can hear a track of the album on Richmond Fontaine's myspace. This show is $10 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Holocene is also having a show with all local acts. They will have Root Beer and French Fry, Double Dutch, and Chrome Wings. I saw this exact same line up a little while ago if you switched out Asobi Seksu in for Root Beer and French Fry. I missed Chrome Wings set thought and was pretty bummed. Anyway, it is nice to see a band that I first wrote about because they had a funny name start to go places. Did I mention that Root Beer and French Fry is good? Because they are. This show is a mere $3 and starts at 9 PM.

Thursday, December 4th

Thursday night!

  • The Wonder Ballroom will be having a big local show (mostly local anyway) with the likes of Blitzen Trapper, Starfucker, and The Parson Redheads (LA). This is two of the hippest bands in Portland playing under on roof. Plus everyone I know is always raving about The Parson Redheads. This ALL AGES show is $10-12 and starts at 8 PM.

So if you see me say, "Hi".


Root Beer and French Fry to play Holocene tonight. I think they do this before and after every show.

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