Saturday, December 20, 2008

Explode Into Colors - Live Footage of "Wooden Ghost"

Here is footage of Explode Into Colors playing at Holocene from November 29th's showcasing of Cartune Xprez, "a travelling roadshow of animated videos and multimedia performances."

Explode Into Colors are probably my favorite band in PDX right now. Its pretty easy to see why in this video, check it out yourself.

If you want to catch Explode Into Colors live, there are two very excellent opportunities coming up soon(ish).

Dec 31st - New Year's Eve Show w/ White Fang and Nightclubbing vs. Hot Mess @ The Holocene

Feb 14 - w/ Starfucker, Strength, and Dirty Mittens @ The Wonder Ballroom


Amber Dawn said...

oh man. those ladies are killer awesome. thanks for sharing.

Ste. Goldie said...

Noah - Do they know you made this? It's really fun to watch. I had not heard them before this. What a link to all of your video's?