Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Thursday, February 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

I didn't go to any shows last night. Again. Looks like I am getting back to my winter habits. When I stepped outside this morning I remember why. It is cold out there. Not that it's an excuse, but that's my excuse. Anyways, here are the shows that look good tonight:

The Wonder Ballroom is having a show with Sebadoh and Quasi. Sebadoh is huge in my book. And hey, look what I just found on the Sebadoh website: a bunch of live shows available for FREE. Neat. I have listened to them for a long time. But I admit I kinda stopped paying attention for many years now. I bought their last album when it came out, but that was in 1999. Holy moly, I am getting old. Anyway their early self produced lo-fi albums helped inspire me to make music. I thank them for that. Quasi is a band that I have been into for a long time too. I used to listen to Featuring Birds all the time. It is still my favorite. At that point they had a perfect balance of accessible pop tendencies and really really pessimistic lyrics. I loved it and love it still. They have grown in recent years from a duo to a three piece and now they have the ability to rock out a bit. Which led to last years awesome album American Gong. You need to see this band. Oh and check out this funny video I found from ABC News with Quasi. Ha. The ALL AGES show is $20 and starts at 9 PM.

Nationale is having a show with Neal Morgan. I have not heard of Nationale before, but apparently it's a gallery/shop. They have lots of events with music and art and performances and talks and stuff. Definitely worth checking out. Tonight they have the incredible Neal Morgan performing. He is the drummer for Johanna Newsome and Bill Callahan. But his solo stuff is great. It is along the same lines of newer Dirty Projectors as far as ridiculously cool vocal parts and harmonies and arrangements. Except that it is all vocals and drums. Really cool stuff. Opening the show will be John Niekrasz, the drummer for Why I Must Be Careful, doing a poetry reading. There is a $3 suggested donation and the show starts at 7 PM.

Holocene is having a show called Carpet Culture. The bands playing are Boom, White Fang, and Hookers. Carpet Culture is "Another excellent installment of Carpet Culture, our recurring series of dirt-cheap shows in our front lounge room, showcasing some of Portland's finest young rock talent." I think that what Boom and White Fang have going is adorable. They are BFF bands and very rarely play shows with out each other. Boom are a rock band. I have not seen them yet, but I imagine that they would be fun to see. I mean I imagine that is why they and White Fang play together. I know that White Fang is fun to see. I have seen them a couple times. All they are about is good times. The White Fang kids have a new album coming out real soon on Marriage Records. They put out this clip for their new song Grateful to Shred recently which pretty much sums up their band. I couldn't find any info on Hookers (the band). The show is $3 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Mississippi Studios the show is Chris Marshall, Kelly Blair Bauman, and Leonard Mynx. This town has no shortage of what I think I will start to call Kinda-country bands. These bands are examples of that. Chris Marshall's recordings are equipped in what I think is pedal steel and shuffle beats. Well they are all shuffle beats. I actually think he marries kinda-country with a touch of epic indie rock in his track "Every Time The Wind Blows". Kelly Blair Bauman makes really good folk pop sounds. Again lots of pedal Steel and shuffle beats. But his hooks harmonies are great. I written about him several times before and will continue to do so. Leonard Mynx is a guy who makes great records. I believe he will be releasing two this year that already done. Live his a bit different every time. Sometimes its just him in a guitar. Sometimes three guitars which go a little solo crazy, sometimes he is backed by a very tasteful band. You never know what to expect. His songs however you can expect to be wordy and honestly quite depressing. Not in a bad way. The show is at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". Please.


Neal Morgan will play tonight at Nationale on Burnside!

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