Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Saturday, September 4th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last Night I played at The White Eagle in AristeiA. I thought we did a pretty darn good job. It was weird because we played at a much quieter volume than we are used to, and also a much brighter stage (even with the lights turned off). But we played and people seemed to like it. I mean what more could you ask for? A burger that costs less than $8? Maybe. Plus I want to thank Bruxing for lending me a cable. And I might be mistaken, but there is a slight chance that Helical might be using my first Ibanez bass that I sold five years ago. It is the same model and I think it is missing the same knobs. The show was a much different feel than the other shows that I have taken in at the White Eagle which were more Americana fare. loud rock needs more outlets and it is nice to see that venues are starting to recognize. Any ways, here are some shows that look good today:

The Artistery is having it's Ninth Anniversary Party. It will feature: Jonny X & The Groadies, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Memories ( members of White Fang), Boom! ( members of White Fang), Edibles (members of Eternal Tapestry), Timmy the Terror & The Winter Coats, Sexhair, and DJ Bill Portland. The show is also a BBQ. It is also the grand opening for The Biz. The Biz being the new record/tape/clothing store that will most likely be pretty Portland Centric. Basically this is quite an event. The music is very diverse. The people will be diverse. It will be fun. Besides, the price is right. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Doug Fir is having a show with Archeology, War Pony, The Fling (long Beach), and The Ocean Floor. Apparently this is sponsored by Cazadores and it is part of a thing called The Deer & A Beer Series. I have not heard of this series. I have heard of that tequila before. Certain members of Y La Bamba have been known to be down with it. Archeology is a relatively new pop band on the scene. They have a number of catchy tunes that appear to be based around the core duo who switch off guitar, bass and lead vocals. They are set to put a full length, Memorial, this October on River Seine Records following a string of self released EPs. War Pony might actually be War Pony Dos. If that is the case then you are in store for some a male female folk pop duo. I am a fan of this usually. When I say fan I guess I mean a sucker for this sort of thing. The Fling is a band that makes sleepy rock with hints of county (like some slide here and there). Nice. The Ocean Floor is an incredible duo that arrange and perform the crap out of the songs of Lane Barrington. You may recognize Lane as that guy who used to be in Hosannas when they were a four piece. You may recognize Shannon from Typhoon or Ah Holly Family. But if you see them play you will definitely recognize the beauty of the music. I love it. The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

Langano Lounge is having a show with The Minders, The Pathogens, Heartbreak Beat, Greedyguts, and DJ Spiltpills. What? I thought The Minders broke up like four years ago. I just checked. They did. Reunion! If you ever listened to the infectious pop stylings of this band you, are probably a fan. One of their most famous fans was Elliott Smith. That guy had pretty good taste. A good idea of what they sound like, would be imagining if Guided by Voices were more consistent in the quality of their output. The Pathogens make high energy rock music that reminds me of something that would be made in the inception of punk music. Heartbreak Beat is a newer band that has The Minders' Martyn Leaper. It kinda follows in that form of pop music. Good stuff. The show is FREE and starts at 9:30 PM.

Backspace is having a show with System & Station, Zoogirl, and Wester Daywick. System & Station is a indie rock band from right here in Portland. They kinda have a classic late 90's NW sound. A lot of cool guitar lines and such. They seem to have been around for quite a while. I don't know why I have not seen them. I swear I could not find any information last time I wrote about Zoogirl, but Backspace had a link right to them. Their recordings I feel do not do them justice of their live show. That being said, if you do not like emo music, and it is completely understandable if you don't, then you probably won't like this band. I personally kind of grew up on the stuff and have a very soft spot in my heart for jagged rhythms, rough vocals, and feelings. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

Dunes is having a show with Desert of Hiatus, Like a Villain, and Duck Little Brother Duck. Desert of Hiatus seems to be some pretty ambient or gentle sounds with a dude either speaking on top or singing with a weak voice on top of it. But I am writing about this show because of the other two bands. Like a Villain is Holland Andrews project. She also sings and plays clarinet in Meyercord, but this is totally different, despite her using the same set up of vocals, clarinet, and glockenspiel. Her songs are way more dramatic showcasing her love of musicals and experimental music simultaneously. Her voice is strong and beautiful. She often records long loops of her clarinet or layers vocal harmonies in a very effective way. The last time I saw her play, I got goose bumps. Duck Little Brother Duck is the super rad band that brings both incredible playing chops and sense of musical arrangement in the compact form of a math-pop band. You need to see this band. The show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Dekum Manor is having a show with Orca Team, Psychic Feline, Huge Cookies (Seattle), and Ghost Mom. I feel like as soon as I left the area, Dekum Manor started having good shows all the time. Take tonight for instance. You guys know that I love the pop cut with a bit of surf ascetics of Orca Team. I know that I have written about them like a million times. And that is because they play a lot. I think you should see them. And quite honestly, so should I. I promise myself I will see them before I die. The ALL AGES show is at 8 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "Hi". I don't know why you wouldn't.


The Minders come back to life tonight at Langano Lounge. Bring your hula-hoop!

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