Thursday, August 13, 2009

Radio 23 do you copy?

Have you heard of or listened to online radio station Radio23?

Jeff Hylton Simmons contacted me about hooking up Clear so he he can broadcast live on Radio23 from PICA: TBA. That's how I heard of it. Now I am listening to it! I love it!


Radio23 is a non-commercial, freeform radio station dedicated to providing an international artistic platform for innovative and creative home broadcasters. Our mission is educational. We teach anyone, anywhere how to make radio with a computer and a broadband internet connection. Join us.

Every two hours, a new live broadcaster takes the reigns from a distant land and offers a view of what’s happening in their creative community. Anyone with high-speed internet can experience underground music and culture from all parts of the globe, created by dozens of weekly live broadcasters.

FUNDRAISER FOR A LOCAL SHOW ON RADIO23 called "The Full Life All-Star Radio Hour" by Full Life an art, recreation, and vocational program for adults with developmental disabilities :

There will be a fundraiser this Friday August 14th, 2009. This fine evening of musical performance will feature sillyROBchildish , Jack Bouba, and bazillionaire, all employees of the fabulous Full Life. The money raised will go toward keeping Full Life's talk-centric shows* on the air. The suggested donation is $5, though no one will be turned away. All ages are welcome.

7:00pm - 10:30pm
Full Life Coffee Shop
3331 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR

Tuesday mornings from 10-12 and Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 (PST)

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