Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for August 5th

Hello Dear Readers,

Here is the scoop for today's shows. Peace.

Wednesday, August 5th

Music on Main Street is put on by Portland Center for Performing Arts every Wednesday. Today they have Stolen Sweets. I beleive that I have seen their name around. They play that kind of western swing jazzy kind of music. It is pretty fun and I would imagine fun to watch. Especially when it is FREE. Which it is. It starts at 5 PM right outside the Schnitz.

Laurelthirst is having a show with Dolorean. One of the better americana bands. The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Laurelthirst is having another show tonight. This time with Michael Hurley. He is an older dude that plays great folk music. The show is also FREE and starts 9 PM.

Berbati's is having a show with Inside Voices, Dallas County Potential and Weaver. Inside Voices are so good. Perfect hot summer music. The show is FREE and starts at 10 PM.

If you see me say "Hi". Pleeeeease.


Imagine this for Free. Dolorean plays for FREE tonight at Laurthirst.

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